Cinematic Zoom Transition in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial – Easy Method

Hey, Everyone. This tutorial is a bit different from my previous Tutorial. This time we are working on Video editing, and creating a Most famous Transition in films, This Tutorial is inspired by Sam Kolder, and we are creating, Sam Kolder Zoom Transition in After Effects. Just a few steps, and make your boring videos to a Stunning one.

As always, this tutorial is Free, and we are not using any third party plugin for creating this.

Every single Tutorial on my channel is made with Love and Hard work, So don’t forget to leave a Like.. 🙂



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Thanks for Watching.


Manu Kaushal says:

Sir i want to ask you…… How to edit video like this…..

Kevin Scales says:

Brilliant, thanks. How do you do it so the transition comes in from the side of the clip rather than straight into the centre of the screen… ? Thnx

Akam Fatah says:

well done..try to put learning’s about motion graphics

Josué P. Canobbio says:

Muchas gracias; excelente vídeo!!!

An Eve Studio says:

Great Tutorial Channel
I really Appreciate

Manu Kaushal says:

I want to know…. Please help me….. Sir

Abhirup Lahiri says:

Happy teachers day…… sir

Sonoma iViews says:

Awesome tutorial…. you are great!

Muhammad Ramim says:

Hello Parker,
Thanks for this tutorial.
I am always waiting for your new tutorials.
Plz, make a tutorial on other video transition also.
as I noticed your beginning clip you not only make zoom in/out transition as well as other transition also. So plz, make tutorials on other transitions in after effects.

Dir Vines says:

Perfect tut sir..

Tech Asura says:


itsmeb Mitra says:

Sir you still didn’t make that MOSAIC photo effect in adobe after effect without using any third party plugin.. last time you told me that you’re working on that. But you don’t upload it.. 🙁

Harikrishnan A S says:

Bro can you make a tutorial on minimal after effect . ( Like clean minimal after effect ) simple,modern and colourised. It will be lot help full if you make one. I am making a seminar project pp. So i can use that there

Mystery TV 16 says:

please make other videos effect primire pro

Coonverge says:

love u!

Utsav Prajapati says:

Tysm For the Awesome Tutorial .. Can you make a tutorial on Music Lyrical Video ? Plz..

Sorhags says:

whats your background music you use

BanDANiKi VFX says:

this is the video I am waiting for. Because, videos about transition effects. Thanks for this videos and my teacher. this is Awesome !!!!

I’m sorry, if my english language is not perfect.

Alone Studio says:

Nice tutorial Bro…

Manu Jose says:

this is helpful…sir how can i create this sort of music videos?


You are the best teacher bro..Thanks alot for this tutorial. Hope you will continue this 🙂

Think Box says:

Can anyone make a video on facts about Avnish Parker I am eager to know how he looks what’s his age.

azhar shaik says:

Loving your tutorials from day1, how about doing a motion poster tutorial? never found one till now.

K. C.V says:

the greatest video tutorial ……. Keep going 🙂

Kamal 5 says:

Bro please breakdown effects of this video :

THiNKeasy says:

Been waiting on a quality tutorial on this type of zoom effect! Awesome!

Jay Bacay says:

soundtrack title 0:33?

Bob says:

Nearly 100K

Learner's Clain says:

Yes you are my teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day

Yash Sirvi says:

Are you going to make a Face Reveal?

Salah S D N says:

well done bor
great video

Kushal Sunny says:

which screen recorder u have uses to create videos

Adittia Rizki Kurniawan says:

Nice, love this one

Rahul Roy says:
watch this video and share it 🙂

Mystery TV 16 says:

cooll videos

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