Colorful Glitch FX Tutorial! 100% After Effects!

Create a procedural Glitch Effect 100% inside of After Effects!
Project File:

Rendering Note: I’ve heard some people having issues with Fractal Noise not rendering correctly and I think you need to disable GPU Acceleration for the Project. File-Project Settings, “Mercury Software Only”. Hope that helps!


Internet Warriors says:

I’m trying to do this with an image instead of text. Any tips? Super noob. Thanks in advance!

I can’t figure out how to adjust the color of my image.

Udbhav Halder says:

The latest Zebronics keyboard advert follows this tutorial! i just watched a youtube ad, here is it

Hamza elhamazi says:

I have forms when I put the effect fast box blur in the 12.48 minutes spoil the writing and I do not know the defect from where
Is it from settings or something like that

The LAD Football says:

Ffs, man you are unreal.

Can u make a tut on how to edit the project file u uploaded to our prefered names or text?
Cause i tried once to edit it and i nearly broke my computer because of rage as my computer hangs and the other thing is i don’t have enough patience lmao.

Cascadium says:

*Andrew, bro. BTS a famous kpop band used this tutorial/effect in their latest music video teaser I was so excited when I knew that it came from you *

SunnY Edits says:

How do i make if i want it to be like 3 texts? i can’t find out how to repeat the trasistion

Marco Bucci says:

Totally rad.

OmarZaki_Productions says:

thank you andrew this tutorial helped me alot,you showed us how to glitch between two title . can i glitch between three to four titles

LifeAsaKingston LAAK says:

Big THANK YOU Andrew!!

Fred Hystair says:

Absolutelu awesome tut!

Seth L. T. Video Productions says:

Somewhere around fast box blur everything messed up.

MrPriceo0 says:

im on 10:29 when i adjust the contrast, my title seems bugged, can anyone help me out? I see the timeline moving but the text is glitching out

José Alejandro Jiménez Fontana says:

Thanks, what if I´m using AE 2017 can I still do this tutorial? I am unable to select source on the Displacement map layer effect.

FreE StYlE says:

Why AE CC 2017 Displacement map don’t have Effect and Masks

Nikhil Tokas says:

Andrew, what about Intercept? Are you going to release it or not?
At least let us know that what’s going on, you have created a hype and that hype has continued for the third consecutive year!

Hsu uj says:


Meelad Pirzad says:

i cant use mouse to move or rotate in 3d plz help me

Rekt says:

1:59 XDDDDDD hahahahahahaha you’re awesome

sheraz asghar says:

dude is there someplace I can donate to your channel … you are really amazing!


is this 2017 after effects

chang lively says:

why i can’t find displacement map layer :effect & masks?
have anyone know?

Whai Ahr Yhu Ruhning says:

At 9:40 i seem to run into an issue when applying the box blur. my fractal noise becomes only tiny horizontal lines when i select repeat edge pixels and does not give me the right affect at all. here are some screenshots. Any help is appreciated

sam polyak says:

Hey, What sound effect are you using in demo?

Eve H says:

Hahah, “That reminds me of that commercial….” *pause* ….. “errrr…”
“Yeah, so moving on.”
:D:D Thanks Andrew, for the subtle humor! Loving your videos! Extremely inspiring!

NJG says:

SDG Danny I’m a simple man. I see a Video CoPilot tutorial, I press like 🙂
I’m not a simple man, but I see a Video Copilot tutorial, I too press “Like”!!!!! ANDREW KRAMER I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES… (Promise I’ll give them back later)

Scrolls5 Editing says:

Using “Clip” in the seond fractal noise doesnt work for me.

Noiseheads says:

when he pops that compound blur on at 23:03!

Matthijs says:

Damm Andrew you truly are the best!

Zabeer Hossain says:

what font is it ?

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