Crossfire Particle FX Tutorial! 100% After Effects! + LIVE Tour!

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Syed Asad says:

The GOD of VFX is finally back…I mean yaaaaayyy…
He’s literally back damn…
I have a request Andrew,I’ve never seen a Logo and Intro like #AvengersEndGame
I’m requesting you to teach us how they do that so smoothly and perfectly
Btw…It’s your biggest fan..Syed Asad (From Pakistan)

Faisal Hossain says:

This is amazing.

Niko Paso says:

Andrew my love!!!

kurt kochanski says:


Harry John says:

I am waiting for tha6

Celui -ci says:

what is that thumbnail lol

Shahid gire says:

Come in Mumbai please

Ting-Hao Li says:

I want to know what your computer is equipment with ?

jatin khurana says:

Can you please make a plugin for this


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Tomás Sousa says:

Am I the only one who clicks like button before the video even begins ? XD

Andrew never disappoints! Love you man

정승연 says:

Long time no see my best friend!

Aurnhammer Films says:

What’s with the thumbnail?

Bong Tube says:

I am big fan of from India

Edgar Ngo says:

True Monstrosity

Sashikala Mohan says:

Finally after a long time

Pil Lee says:

Are you gonna stream VC live on youtube?


andrew is love ❤❤❤

teja kumar Tananki says:

U r super and also my Master

Yugen Dommy says:

Andrew, this is dopeeeeeeee!!


woo~super cool effect I have never seen before, great job brother Andrew

Thái Thái says:

DAMN!! This is so awesome <3 <3


Рюскэ эсть?

Deepanshu Dutt says:

felt the lack of your perseverance also missed your voice and your’s energetic intro music.Thank you so ∞ much.
How did you created that glitchy title at 2:17 , 2:19

Shouptik Dey says:

you guys have any plan to come India?

IchiGo KuRo says:

thank you so much !

Aamir Khan Photography says:

Love your work, was waiting for this thanks for the tutorial.. 🙂

Patrick Foster says:


Syed Ikramullah says:

Ur video and your sites is awesome that provide a free plugin for us. Thanks

Max - Infinity Studios says:

Just finished & uploaded on my channel my first project with the techniques you teach in this tutorial ! I used these to create a Darth Vader kind of Lightsaber destruction ! Thank you so much !
PS: I love to be a beginner, so much things to learn, and so much great content <3
I can't wait
for Paris Video Copilot LIVE 🙂

Gokul says:

Gonna start My VFC Career with your Channel as sources! Great Work Andrew.

AB186 says:

fx console is awesome it has incresed my speed by 10 to 20 percent in after effects. it’s so intuitive and fast. thanks for such an awesome plugin!

Syed Asad says:

I’m far away from Europe and I’m a student so yeah I can’t join your show.
That would be a dream like moment if I could ever meet u one day, well I’ll wait for the video of your show in Europe.Thanks.

Jukerlaw says:

brilliant ideas as always.. Wish i had a teacher like you 😉

Jamesson Júnior says:


ZERO says:

Wow, super cool


Great Videos
I love this Effect so much
How about all of U Guy

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