Hand Drawing Music Video Effect – After Effects Tutorial

Ever wonder how to get that scribble, hand animated look on your music video? We cover that today!

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Futuristic One Take – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXt2FLMJ_tI


DreamTeam 243 says:


Josh Stanislas says:

I’m a app editor can u please release a video of this effect as a overlay over a green screen or black,so basically the scribble effect but just on a green screen

RaisaCHAN says:

Your videos are super helpful! I managed to learn basic kinetic typography within a few hours, thank you so much!

C.Vibez says:

Mines doesnt have the top tool bar with paint and all that on it.

Golden Gate Photography says:

Hey… When I render my project to AVI, the scribble effect is not showing. Can you help me? I did all the steps, but When I render I am not seeing the effect.

Ali Elkhayat says:

Outro song blease please bleez

Sonia Borges says:

Is there an app on Android that allows you to do this?

Issuez says:

When i use the roto brush affect it has a pink outline and i cant get it to go away, could you please help me with that?


i cant change duration help me pls

Josh Turner vlogs says:

thank for this one !!!!!

Basti Halligalli says:

Is there any free software I can do this with?

Faizah Muntaco says:

how to move ahead to the next frame??helpme :”’)

Im Zug says:

Is there any way you can do this effect on iphones

Jinx TK says:

Dope! I’m definitely gonna use this technique in a future video.

Fuego Splash says:

how do you erase the scribble if you mess up?

Devon Hunter says:

Getter’s Head Splitter video does the effects better than Justin Beiber’s video

Roberto Santos says:

thanks for the tutorial dude !

Regina Calix says:

can you do a “Sorry Lyric Video” After Effects tutorial?

June Smiley says:

Can you teach how to do it on ipad?

DansProductions says:

What software is this in?

Pitchayakan S. says:

pretty cool!!

Its.Just.Krista says:


take action says:

Is it possible to hide or delete the video layer after drawing over it? So you would just see what you painted?

alberto garcia valencia says:

How can I put a text in a video tnks

Browskimusic - Copyright Free Music says:

Lol i really took the time doing a short video lol this is dope!

OSIRIS says:

How do you backspace or undo the paint

ErraticFox says:

Why don’t you use the roto brush and Vegas stroke? :p

Turoksar says:

Is there a lightbox feature?

zachio decanini says:

can this be done in motion 5?

Mike young says:

check out this video guys!
The music video America is a great example of this

CodeInfinate says:

FIRST AE tutorial I actually managed to understand completely! Bless you, sir. Short, sweet, to the point, but not so much that you’re speeding through without truly explaining the steps. THANK YOU!

Miel Seña says:

how to next frame? which shortcut

AEplug - After Effects Tutorials says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Miguel Véliz says:

Do you have de lyric effect tutorial or the name of the efect??

Alon Israeli says:

Nice tutorial!
Do you use a pen tablet to draw these lines or just by mouse?

Natassha Lydia says:

thanks for the tutorial! it really helps!!

Sumari Coetzee says:

is there a way to do this on final cut pro x?

HeartBreakFilms says:

how do i render the video first, because now its lagging at playback

TheCreativeNest says:

Thanks for sharing! Also, you’re hilarious. Love it.

Amy Wilson says:

I have the 7 version and in my paint panel there is not option for frame by frame painting, do you know where it is in the new version?

2 Rad Vegans says:

Dude, thanks!

Jean-Antoine Matadi says:

that’s awesome

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