Hole in the hand – After Effects and Mocha tutorial

Easy and fast way to make a hole in your palm with After Effects and Mocha.

This is the movie trick that can be used with creativity in incredible ways. We now show you one hand, but you can use it on almost any surface, face, abdomen, and of course not just people but objects as well.

If you can not understand any part or have any other questions, write it in the Comments section here:

Hole in the hand


mr强 says:

nice video

DENNIS .O says:

one Word WAUWWWW

Philip meron Smith says:

please can i have a private chat with you?????

Crown Prince Media says:

can i chat you privately please???????????

Phú Nguyễn Tài says:

Can I get the original project?

TheCheshireKait says:

ughhh wish I had this software. Great video!

TechNews says:

Hello. I want help you. This man using you video and he is stolen picture preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7spfAcMk2U.
And Here is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVqJYFWsnkLEUkmmS-avyQg/videos
Please, do anything. He stolen copyright, Sorry for my bad english

[ LeZ-gELm ] says:

Wow, amazing. Never seen this before. What an expert in AE.

Future TV 007 says:

Aboniert meinen kanal 😉

WYTHEK says:

it’s verry great

N3WCAT says:

Na minha concepção era bem mais fácil de fazer isso

dan 2404 says:

Great job! Thank’s for sharing.

Giggstar _ says:

owow man

sériba sissoko says:


El Mundo De Kraneo says:

OMG very good

KittyLis aw says:

Honestly, if I was shown the beginning with no context, I would think that you actually had a hole in your hand. That’s a like earned.

josh buckley says:

When I create the mask and try and make its path it moves the frozen image with it when i move the mask. Any help would be appreciated. At the 6 minute mark in your video

paradox zack says:

drill a hole in my hand alright

fuck yeh

wot it said dont im blind

Steven Reyes says:

So you can put a hole in your hand, you just can’t speak.

DiegixgamerTM says:

todo un crack me partes en edición

ethos lotus says:

fricken smart dude.

Bobby C says:


SunnyListen says:

what graphic card u use, i will start in graphic design, havea good computer allready with 2 G-cards but the render time is so huge in every single project, please awnser me what i need to make quick render time, thanks for the video, subed 😀

Ваши Комментарии says:

С дрелью походу проще гораздо…

endriu19 says:

Fucking amazing!

James Wilson says:

Love your Patience man. You are Awesome Keep em coming!

Ian Sit says:

Jesus Christ…literally…

Ricard Soriano says:

Your work is amazing!!!! Thank you very much

Efremov says:

Ваааау! Крутая работа) Подчеркнул для себя новое

Reda Haskouri Original says:


Jasmine hibberd says:

ngl its quite hard to follow without a voice over

Danier's TV says:

that’s cool awesome

Top 10 Central says:


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