How I Jumped My Car With After Effects – Tutorial

I decided to try jumping my car, and with the help of after effects and premiere pro, it worked! I hope this tutorial helps you with your rotoscope and video editing skills. And please, never jump a real car!

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Song – Sthlm Sunset by Ehrling


BambaTWO / Minecraft Deutsch says:

Where is this location?

RamsterdGaming says:

0:9 Blooper Lol

WUMB0! says:

Where was this shot?

Samir Dz chaîne officielle says:

Hello my friend Subscribe to my channel You have subscribed to your channel and tell your friends to subscribe to me and to me your subscribers please

Mr Calligan says:

but your hands were to early in the air you could see that you jumped over something but it looks pretty awsome

រឿងចម្លែក- Rerng chom leak says:

Good pro

Bape Nation says:

Lets go dude

Charisse Anne Marasigan says:

Great effects but youre in the wrong timing

Justin X. says:

So your saying is that you just only jumped on a pile of boxes?

KPM6000 says:

We can see the shadow

Khurram Ovais says:


Dirt Boj says:

Very very visible that your hands are stay in same position for a sec before you reach the car.

Rakib Hasan says:

that was honestly cool

Mikey Oto says:

It was the moment I saw the full blonde hair, that I thought I had clicked a L*gan Pau* video

sooraj.s prabhu says:

Please tell me how to download After Effects

Mustafa Bin Yousaf says:

If you could jump over the boxes you could jump over the car easily. This is like a safety tutorial

Chris Darwiche says:

Your a super athletic big boy

Kenny says:

4:06 rip knee

الشبواني اليمني says:

الفوتشوب مجنون

ItzStefanGames says:

not realistic

Mr. Man says:


Walter Verweij says:

Bro the hand placement in mid Air is way to obvi

Mark De Mocro says:

What song?

Eloy Martín Arconada says:

6:20, he is pushing himself on the air hahaha (0.25x speed)

FranDoesGames says:

This just proves, you can’t believe anything impressive on YouTube anymore! XD

SMN says:

He looks like Logan paul


0:02 Logan paul

Voltaire Louvelt says:

very good

KotKtoryChodziłPoGłowieAdama says:


Chessguy says:

Are people fucking retards, this looks like shit, this could have been done so much better by someone who actually knows what theyre doing

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