How To Copy & Paste Keyframes – An Adobe After Effects tutorial

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Learn how to, and what’s going on when you, cut, copy and paste keyframes in adobe after effects. I know it sounds easy but if it was that easy I would not have so many questions in my inbox about it now would I. Today we’re taking it back to basics and responding to overwhelming comment questions at the same time y’all.

I know it’s been very very basic so far but stick with me and I’ll make something way cooler. I promise. In fact the next one will blow you’re mind… or not. I don’t know what I’m doing next.


thecompwhiz says:

too long and confusing video for a simple task

VNDL Studio says:


mark picone says:

‘Copy and Paste’ keyframes one layer at a time.

Michael Karaman says:

Thank you! This was helpful!

therobbywaller says:

When I try to Copy and Paste keyframes for a Shape Layer, it just pastes new Shape Layers. I can’t figure out how to actually copy and paste only the keyframes. For instance, say I have 4 keyframes on 1 shape layer for rotation. I draw a box around the 4 keyframes, advance my playbar a few frames, press CTRL-V to paste the new keyframes, but instead of pasting 4 new keyframes to the right of my other keyframes, it pastes a whole new shape layer. What am I doing wrong?

ElidanPlay Games says:

Isnt there a way to just aply it to the first and last keyframes?

Jose Lara says:

any idea how to copy and paste key frames into the same layer?

im animating a person walking and i wanna create a loop i have the first steps my idea was to just copy and paste the first steps and have the person walking for a while.

any idea how i can do this?

Parpalea Cristian says:

Hi. Can you please help me. I need to make the background of a subtitle to appear/disappear with the subtitle. Is it a way to copy the key frames from the “Source text” over the layer of the background? Thanks so much!

Rony Hananto says:

4:48 Enjoy

Yuriy K says:

Is there a way to copy and paste an adjusted velocity value from one keyframe simultaneously onto multiple other keyframes in different layers?

diromiz says:


Hobis Zygis says:

when i paste the key frame it makes a new layer

Zoe Brinkley says:

Thanks for the tutorial. I’m new to After Effects, so little bits of info like this are helpful :]

Nancy Zhang says:

you saved me a lot of time thx

Itz Zack97 says:

Has anyone come up with a solution yet to copy and paste keyframes from multiple layers?

I have a composition with approx. 16 layers with reference keyframes that are to be copied and pasted to another composition with the same layers and effects. Adding up to the problem: the keyframes are on an effect to which you cannot add expressions.

Can it be solved by writing a script?

AlienWithABox says:

For those who don’t want to sit through an 11-minute video for 20 seconds of instructions, here’s how to do it:
select only the keyframes
copy (cmd-c / ctrl-c)
move to a different time
click the layer you want to make sure it’s selected
paste (cmd-v / ctrl v)

Emily Ferber says:

Is there a way to copy and paste keyframes from a imported mov in after effects?

mark picone says:

just bustin’ your balls. I’ve been searching videos to find out how you copy and paste keyframes. When trying to do this with multiple layers of keyframes it actually pastes the whole layer and not only the keyframes. In order to do this I finally found out you can only copy keyframes on 1 layer at a time.

kali kana says:

you talk to much. just to show a simple copy paste method you made a 11 min video. dislike

Peka Perciunatu' says:

i can’t understand how to paste keyframes from an animation to a mask of a layer. if i copy the keyframes, and then try to paste them on the mask path, it will automatically paste them on the entire layer and fuck everything up. please, how do you do it?

Twest Design says:

FFS man. Learn how to use after effects at least before you make a tutorial.

lilwowlaopow says:

I have a Question how about triming a video, like for instance im a gamer right? im trying to trim the best shooting from the person i shot and i die in the end is there anyway to edit it?

محمود نموس says:

I hate the way you talk but thank you anyway

Backyard Amusement says:

Awesome. 11 minutes to teach a 5 second task.

André Moreira says:

great tips! thank you!

Johnny Quest WY says:

Ok. I got the whole copy and paste but I have a question. If I convert audio to keyframe how do I cut out the keyframe so that the text is affected only after half of the keyframe.. I tried to drop it in scaling but even when I take say the front part of the keyframe the text is still affected even though it does not show the keyframe anymore.. OK OK. let me run thru this.
I put audio in. I use animation to convert to keyframe, I then create text, I split the keyeframe and take off the front of one and the back of the other, i add text to timeline, I link the text to back end of keyframe, when I run the audio the text is still affected by the other part of the keyframe but yet, I never linked the front part of the split keyframe.. what am i doing wrong?

Mukul Sharma says:

your’e awesome bro ..and you know what IT’S TRUE

Garet Nightblade says:

IF you wanna save our lifetime next time RUSH TO THE POINT!

olly says:

You dragged this out wayyyy to much

Matthew De Grie says:

thanks man! Good tutorial. subtitles unnecessary. You speak loud and clear 😉 and they are blocking the view

mark picone says:

you say ‘about’ weird.

Cheryl Ram says:

my copy and paste function is not working anymore for key frames. What could be the issue?

Benjamin Weiler says:

1:06 Well played, Sir. Well played. ^__^

Wren Michelson says:

How come you can’t just copy the keyframes from all the layers, and just redo them for a walk cycle? it seems really dumb the amount of crap you have to go through. like it makes no damn sense

KissMyCreative says:

Hey there, I know this is a silly question but i’m new to AE…how did you resize the “@ecabrams” while keeping it all the same dimensions? For the life of me I cant seem to figure it out. When I drag the corner to resize it changes the height and width depending on how I move it. I thought holding shift then dragging would it does in PS, but that doesnt work. Your help would be so appreciated! And thanks for this vid. Saved me a ton of time!

Rab Rauska says:

Opaci”T” …Transparency

Daniel says:

11 minutes to say how to cut and paste? Fucking hell man.

Willem Stoof says:

kenker lukt me nie kenker de kenker kenker

Divineshot 314 says:

Thank You!

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