How to create an Epic Zoom in After Effects – TUTORIAL

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In this tutorial I will show you how I’ve created the EPIC zoom from in our channel intro as seen here:

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🎬Host & Creator – Ignace Aleya


vishantsoni says:


Larissa Franco says:

I have a question. When i put a transition onto something, the whole thing lags. Then i render it, but it still doesnt wok. what do i doooo

Boernie B. says:

Bro, wht r u tlkng abt? Ct udrsn u rly gd. dt lke ya vis. So, jung, watt hässe jesaat? Do laaberst ne driss, datt is escht krass is ubbe hin.

jazziekool msp says:

Is it me or does his voice remind you of Kermit the frog?

안복순 says:

thank you!

Orange Media says:

hey curious i love the concept but when your shooting video of yourself walking how are you stabilizing the video? I wanted to do something like this myself. I am shooting with a canon t6i

Destination Multimedia says:

i have a request can you make a tutorial of your intro

WYL0N4 says:

Awesome, you helped me a lot, +1 subscriber <3

Jörgen Nilsson says:

Cool intro 🙂 Always nice with some effects. Need more to my videos 🙂

Paola Nascimento says:

Thank you, now my effect is show. 😀

reflx_ says:

Btw this is an amazing tut ily

Samatha Bhargav says:

Awesome thanks a lot 🙂

juan pablo santovito says:

amazing! where can i take this sounds effects? thanks

Henry Smith says:

Great tutorial, yes it’s quick….. but even myself who is not a AE expert and have learnt from AE intro tutorials for the last few months can pretty much understand whats going on here. I might have to press pause a few more times but regardless – thank you for taking the time to produce a guide.

I’ll be using this to try and simulate a camera switch between two adjacent GoPro’s.

teahyung says:

does anyone know how to get the square thing where he added the blur?

SWiTCH2K says:

too fast bro

ImPostor says:

Thank you very much!!!! You are my favourite! After Effect forever 🙂

Givi Maghradze says:

amazing ! where can i get the sound effects ?

zhu; dhk says:

Love your videos!

Clint Decker says:

I’ll just assume you created After Effects. You are so fast and clearly know the ins and outs of every feature!

Suman Saha says:

many many thanks !

Kirby Winson says:

baker tuts

- KINGRITOS - says:

Goddamn them transitions were fucking sexy

neno lima says:

where do you get that sound fvx?

HoniSoitQuiMalPense says:

Hey Ignace I will easily tell you why some folks dislike your otherwise very useful tutorials. You clearly know your shit inside out.
Small detail. These are meant to be “tutorials” as you call them himself. Not show-offs to show how fast you work. In a tutorial you are meant to teach, share knowledge so others of lesser knowledge can learn from you. Ignace, mate, sorry to say this but that is where you fail.
You talk way too fast and, as Apriliamotion mentions as well, and I quote: “Great effect! However, your speech was unclear, talking way too fast, no captions for clarification, buttons to small to see …” So not a good tutorial.
A humble suggestion, just in a constructive spirit, feel free to adopt or not: just be a bit more clear in the way you speak , talk a bit more slowly and when you mention shortcuts to actions that for you are just aquired knowledge, but are not necessarily so for your audience, add that short-cut on a caption. That would be great help !
As you said you have done work on AE for a while so this should be just a very easy addition for you to your videos.
Then your tutorials will be PERFECT TUTORIAL matey !! 😉

Debarpan Saha says:

After Zoom in How to zoom out again with motion blur?

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