If Else Conditional Expression – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Learn the basics of the If/Else conditional expression. It’s a great way to have After Effects choose between two or even more options based on inputs. This covers the basics of the expression and some examples of how it works.

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.

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Leon Neijs says:

Awesome tutorial, as always!

Khalid Alshammari says:

Thank you for sharing this. I fell in love with expressions after your video on sourceRectAtTime. It’s very fun and time-saving to play around with and use expressions.

MudanTV says:

Dude, this is amazing, your tutorials are next level stuff. I never knew you could do conditional expressions in AE.
Also, your last video about Essential Graphics. The box was dope, made my own version and using it quite a lot in some work related videos.

Been following you for many years now and even though you don’t post regularly, when you do, it’s totally worth it!

Feis Reiling says:

I did not know you could skip the ” { } ” symbols in the statement. That’s kind of convenient! although it might get a bit confusing for me without the full syntax because now its just a bunch of numbers together.

ReazenAmvz says:

More videos like this ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Bluebear Creative says:

thank you

luiz fernando Alves says:

Just on my studying time! Brazil likes, you, bro! lol

The FiX says:

Great vid, Evan. As someone who literally never used any kind of programming in AE (or in fact anywhere else), could you, please, recommend me some material to study while I’m not on PC? 🙂 Cheers and keep it up!

ZimoNitrome says:

great vid for animators/editors not familiar with programming

Phendan says:

Really well-done video. Only thing that could make it better is if you also made the intro bit available for download/purchase 😛

dropyapants says:

Thank you for this one. I think I’ll have to watch this a couple of times, since it didn’t quite stick.
Trying to understand how the language of the expression works— and at the same time trying to take in what exactly that expression is making happen on screen got a bit fuzzy in my brain, but imma give it a few more viewings.

Sohel Miya says:

Great tutorial….

ManexFX says:

Awesome video!

Lesha says:

Thank you mister)

Freelancer1001 says:

Hey Evan, really fantastic video you’ve made here. I love all the visual examples and how you break down each expression into parts to make it more digestible. Clearly a lot of time and thought went into this, so thank you!

Lenísio Jardim says:


LongerTomTV says:

Awesome! Expressions in AE were always a thing I would like to use more often but I didn’t have enough knowledge about. Pls Evan, do more of those 😀

Angelo Kadusale says:

Very, very interesting topic to tackle, Evan 😀

Felipe Thiroux says:


Tal Wagner says:

amazing! thanks so much!

Khan Lakhno says:

Hello! Wchich language these scripts work on? I began to study php and JS and for me these expressions look like they’ve been written in JS. Am I wrong?

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