Intro to Motion Graphics [1/4] | After Effects Tutorial

The adventure begins!

In this episode we learn:

– Keyframes
– Positioning, opacity, rotation etc.
– Pre-comps
– Text to shapes
– Strokes, fills, colour.

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Great tutoriial . learned a lot Thanks

Tom Mohr says:

your tutorials are great… did you learn by watching things as well or just messing around with stuff?

Lionel Ruiz says:

This is the best fucking tutorial I’ve ever seen.

Max van Dalen says:

00:22 That looks so fucking good.

harrison baillie says:

I’m already hooked by the intro

Duncan Shepherd says:

Great intro to motion graphics in After Effects. Well structured and nicely presented. As a AE novice I’ve already learned much and I will be following this series with interest. Many thanks.

Trivia Studios says:


Ciaran Harte says:

Brilliant, thank you for this!

Natalie Escobar says:

Can someone tell me what the command key he used at 13:00? Hit Alt and what? to change those start and end values? Thanks!

Louie Kowalski says:

tiptut as hosted by richard ayoade

Dean Konstantian says:

new sub, thanks!!!!!!!

Semakula Nicholas says:

i need a link to the decompose text plugin please, the free version where possible and thanks for everything

Alboos Brainy World says:

is there any computer requirements for after effects to run smoothly

Harsh More says:

Helpful and very informative. Thank you @TipTut

Diogo Jesus says:

You need to get a program that shows wich keys you are clicking.
Sometimes you press shortcut keys and don’t mention what they are.

Ashwinder Sidhu says:

one of the best tutorials ever


awesome way of the teaching.

Ran Berkovich says:

Really nice, clean and easy to follow. Thanks man


great video!
 helps a lot!

Chaz Sutton says:

How do I get the outlines to go away once the title is sliding up

Zachai Kalet-Schwartz says:

Hey TipTut! Loved this. I’m curious, is there a way to snap to things on the timeline like in Adobe Premiere pro with the magnet icon?

Marcelo Costa says:

great vid. already subscribed

william valderrama says:

Hey, I know you don’t want us copying you but this is basically my first go at using AE. So for me its helps to follow what you are doing then I can go and do my own things. That being said, there are some things that are not showing up how you see them, must be settings or certain things showing/hiding. I figured out a couple of them but it would be cool if you could point out certain settings that you have on your version of AE. Great tutorial!

Juan Perez says:

this is so good thank you

Concreete says:

How do you unselect all layers? (cause somehow there is always 1 layer selected and then I can only create a mask)

GSFX Mentor says:


Hunter Griffin says:

Thanks man! Very Helpful!

Kirsti Hogan says:

These tutorials are so useful, thanks so much! I was wondering if you knew of any great and affordable sound resources for motion design beginners?

Jimmy Frazer says:

Hello, I’ve been looking for genuinely helpful and entertaining tutorials made by people with personality and jesus christ you have it all In spades

Stuart Folkes says:

Dude, these tutorials are seriously fantastic. Thank you so much for making this series.

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