Introduction to After Effects: Tutorial for Beginners | – Learn the basics of Adobe After Effects in this introduction tutorial video. Get started as a beginner to learn the essentials of the program.

As you know, we are huge fans of Adobe Premiere Pro and all the abilities it has. Some of our more popular tutorials cover 3D effects, glitches, compositing and more. But most of these tasks are long winded in Premiere Pro. Their success is probably because of the step to Adobe After Effects: a new application, so many buttons and windows.

After Effects is Adobe’s compositing program to create animation, special effects and more. But with the endless possibilities and tools to create these effects, it’s harder to get started with After effects if you are just a beginner. In this tutorial video we will explain the basics of After Effects en the most used tools needed to create an immediate result.

You can describe After Effects as the Photoshop for video, because it handles the same principals. For example: the end result is mostly made out of layers on top of each other, blending and merging into a whole new video. But the obvious difference is that Adobe After Effects also works with time and moving objects, which can make it more complicated and chaotic. Like Photoshop it also has a lot of tools and endless possibilities to achieve effects with these options. That’s why it takes years to understand After Effects as there is always something new to learn.

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Tech Dude says:

Great vid dude. You explained it really well and I could just watch and do the same things that you are doing without spending another 15 min trying to figure out what they are showing me. BTW who is typing their comments on a monitor lol

Boreynorthwind says:

Thank you so much. I actually found a video that explains it properly. Finally!!!


hey Man can you give your clips for just practicing!!!

s0s0thelady says:

Thanks it really helped

ThePhatNation says:

I’ve been using after effects for my videos, I love it!

SURPRISE Everyday says:

thanks .. really best tutorials


Is it weird that I love how you say ‘Panels’ lol

IamtheJiminator! says:

love his voice, no idea why

Geli Productions says:

I love binge watching your channel, always learning new things !

Richard Gutierrez says:

This is the best tutorial now i have a mentor. i will subscribe now.

Patrick Lenihan says:

Great video, great help! thanks!

ammar al farsi says:

Is MacBook After effect is the same as the windows After effect?

AT3M MEDIA says:

Hey Great Channel! i am an aspiring videographer. Maybe you could check out my channel and give me a little feedback? It would be much appreciated. Thanks

Effects 4D says:

Good I love Chanal you

Jason The Coder says:

Awesome vid Brah

Tassia Vibes says:

simply THE BEST TUTORIAL VIDEO I’VE EVER SEEN! Very well explained it, the voice very clear and the story on point. PLease, do more examples on layers/effects like this one. Would be amazing a tutorial on how to freeze rain drops like in “Now you see me 2”. Well done guys, and thanks for this channel. + 1 SUB !!! <3

Ry Ken says:

thanks for the tutorial very good!!

Subbu Subbu says:

i would like to have those videos you used for practice can u provide them for me

TheTop10 says:

I’m new to adobe after effects got any toturials?

ChasedMoon says:

when he said he had to get rid of the black at 14:10 i felt offended ;(

ecuadorian traveller says:

thank u cinecom you are a great teacher !

beard gang says:

i like ur vids man. keep it up

Reid Yearwood says:

great video


please include the clip of the mountains and the walking boy!!

salah ouali says:

I hoped you could make to the end, the rendering and export stuff, but anyway, I learnt a lot from this tutorial. Thanks a lot.

MC/Productions MischievousCornelius says:

Thanks for the tutorial but I’ve been having trouble with something vary basic. I got the new After Effects and it won’t load the clips properly, it will load a minute and then reset and it’s really pissing me off, can you tell me how I can fix that

Laura Rikli says:

Any chance you are willing to share the files you used for this tutorial? I am a high school computer teacher and would like to do this exact same tutorial with my students. If so, can you email them to Thank you!

PursellEditing says:

would be great if you provided test files to practice along with.

Ravage says:

0:38 Well, that is terrifying…

Piotr Kiepuszewski says:

I love you, your tutorials and many others! You are doing a very good job!

Uzair Hameed says:

one of the best tutorial. Keep it up. We need people like you to beautify the whole world 🙂

itssparklysimmer says:

Does this program cost money?

Jenbatoong Luong says:

How do you save this work? Thank you.

Tony LaMarr says:

One of the best introduction to After Effects.

Rocksteady Gaming says:

Very clear tutorial, thank you! Although I do have a question, all of the things done could also be done in Premiere Pro, as I understand it. So besides tools like tracking (which keeps giving errors for me anyway) is After Effects worth it without plugins?

Sanjai Kumar says:

I need some help. How to cut and remove a piece of vedio and i need some more best vedios like this. this vedio is so helpful. i have afterfx CS5.5, i need vedios made with this edition

Prashant Patil says:

love you jordy…

Wonderwall Whatthehell says:

That’s awesome tutorial!

Nora Ezzat says:

sublime teaching skills, kudos. could you tackle tracking in after effects please

irina pitman says:

Спасибо за такой замечательный урок!!! Сегодня установила программу After Effects и посмотрела ваш первый урок для чайников, так как это мой первый раз. Здорово и все так понятно!!! Перехожу к следующим вашим урокам и становлюсь подписчиком. Спасибо!!!

Jayce R says:

Are you using 2017 version of the After Effects?

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