Learn After Effects in 5 MINUTES! Beginner Tutorial

In this video I’ll show the basics on starting to use After Effects and the different tools and effects used to edit videos!
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TheDevstar2000 says:

All of this is very easy to learn… The question is will I remember it all? lol

Marucha Diris says:

This is perfect if you know the other Adobe programs!
Thank you!

Marcy Magdy says:

I just got ae and let me tell you, ITS SO WEIRD AND COMPLICATED

Ixcon Edits says:

Also Me
*Wheres the play button*

Ruben daems says:

Good video, wonna see more like this 🙂

alswords says:

clear and no waffle – excellent!

d2xy.0 Gaming says:

This is so good. Please make more :]

Jhon Sitora Studio says:

verry nice, smart

james mukundi says:

good good.

Vhershan Santiago says:

help me. any after effect for my windows 7 32bits

Qeuw says:

This is the high quality content we need!

Catherine Elizabeth says:

I’m having an issue when importing audio… it automatically goes in extremely pitched and sped up, how do I fix it?

Clex says:

my name is Julien xd

Bella Chermak says:

you go soooo slow.

jk. I had to pause the video, go back, pause, go back …. over and over. It ended up being a 30 minute video.

CoolKwaz says:

question, for a full video would you edit your whole video (color corrected, etc) first then take it into after effects or would you take specific clips from your video edit it in after effects then bring it back into premiere?

Dan Brandenburg says:

wow…you rock

soul trader says:

You talk waaaaaaaayyyy too fast.

Anton Tuuli says:

Thank you!

FlumeZ says:

yo thats brisbane reppin

RemotionZ Gaming says:

i need “how to get free after effect’ tutorial” 😀

no name says:

so fast…

Mighty Games says:

it does’t let me drag a file in it please help

Somjai Jaithieng says:


BluBear says:

1its 9 s3cs longer fukin clackbat

SPARK says:

plz make video full about after effect plz ! I subscribed you !

AxelFlips says:

all the basic tools huh?


problematic says:

i left this video feeling even dumber than when i began watching it. I’m hopeless, it’s not your fault


completely useless video. All the things you want to know with none of the answers. You can’t tell where the fuck his mouse is. He doesn’t zoom in to show you where the fuck he’s pointing at or talking about. Super fast video which solves nothing but wasting my time. I bet most people won’t even be able to preview the footage or figure out that the spacebar work.
Complete garbage.

ben martin says:

so how do you make it so the opacity doesnt fade and its like right away

kailas godase says:

I don’t know what u saying plz make a simple talk plz

Dark Chikin says:

+Flow Graphics Dude thank you so much for this vid! Appreciate it.

NiceTwisT says:

thats verry helpful because i wana switch from sony vegas

Kylah Rose says:

very helpful!

kurd product says:

how stupid i am…. i deleted ae coz it was very creepy then decided to watch tutorials loool

Serpent Films says:

this helped a lot tnx

Micah Buzan says:

I feel like Neo in the Matrix when he downloads all this knowledge from a computer.

GLOBBY says:

Thank you so much for this!

Prano Design says:

yea, make a 5 minutes tutorial by talking non stop and very fast. Mate look at the watchtime of this video.

Gary Innerarity says:

Amazing tutorial! You took away all of my fear with this walk through.

JustGoneGaming says:

do you know how to render the video in real time man? ive been having problems when i downloaded the after effects cs 5.5..doesnt allow me to render the result of my work in real time…do you have any idea how to go about on resolving this issue…anything helps…Cheers!

EdVentures says:

So cool

JF.Producion Jf.Production says:

nice channel i’ve subsribed it and i’ve completed watching your videos its very nice and interesting.

Boban MK says:

thaanksss ♥

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