Lower Thirds in After Effects – Complete Episode – After Effects Tutorial

After your requests, here I am presenting my Brand new tutorial on Lower Thirds, A very special tutorials for all, Learn everything you need to know about Lower Thirds, From Creating it to, Using it inside Premiere Pro, or any of your video editing program. I am showing you how to render transparent background video, and how to make Premiere Pro Templates in After Effects. So watch this and start creating by yourself.

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Thanks for Watching.


Marrakech Video says:

Awesome ! Thanks for Your tuto.

Nana Adjei-Frimpong says:

how to make an intro like your channel. it would really be a great help. pls make a tutorial on the intro of your channel. pls

Sepa Atia says:

what the song at videos??? please give me


and how to blure the video??

viva forever says:

You are amazing man

Thank you

GameTech HD says:

genius mind blowing

Hananeel Rapanan says:

Whenever I try to import my after effects project to premiere it always says “Adobe After Effects must be installed to import this file.” Please help.

Marouane Al Mandri says:

i moved that roundness to its maximum but still that rounded rectangle didn’t become a perfect circle, it just became a more rounded rectangle. Anyone facing the same issue?

Robon BT says:

awesome tutorial , i make my own, n working .. thx

Валерий Зельманчук says:

Man, great thanks to you for this amazing tutorial. Everything clear.
Btw, in AE CC2017 i had tried to export composition as text template and had issue with time remaping in Pr. I had export *.aecap in Pr and there was not time remaping. So i tried transfer *.aep in Pr and everythink work fine, though there was not Template option for me in the begining.
Either way, thank you mate for this great video.

Daily Dorks says:

You are incredible. Thank you!

Johnathan Ross says:

If someone’s name is too long will it not resize the font to fit in the box?

willery labajo says:

hi avnish parker… thank you so much for uploading this lower third video. this is so much helpfull in my project. at first time, i had no idea how to make animation. now i can.

hay avnish, whould you mind if you make us tutorial how to create lower third “to follow twitter or instagram,subscribe chanel etc with logo ” like you did in this video “00:12-00:15”

it would be helpful for others to create their professional channel like you did …
thank you for kind attention

android games apk says:

thank you

Faran Khan says:

What’s the song name used in preview of lower thirds at 0:35?

ZorOrhan says:

Thank You,Good Tutorial <3 <3 <3

Mahmood Alkhalil says:

Mr. Avisnh ………… BIG FUCKING THANK YOU !!!

jaimin dave says:

when i import after effect file into adobe premier pro the error comes and it shows that “adobe after effect must installed to import this files” and i already installed AfterFX.exe which is after effect software so how to solve this brother


I dont have the Template option in advance settings!! what to do??

How Dot Net says:

thanks sir u don a great job

Fearad10 says:

Great tutorial.

shady1080 says:

The voice is artificial right? But it sounds reaaally good

Satyam Blaze says:

tell us about your computer specification what you use on your computer to render videos faster

Ziaul Haque Ansari says:

Plz make video for facebook,teitter third lower as like your channel

AkatsukiVibe 暁バイブ says:

can u make a intro like his/her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDjyv6vjLqU

CodeFestive says:

Hey could you please tell me how you creates the zoom in the video, that are very smooth zoom

ThePaixxx says:

One of the best channel on Youtube 🙂 🙂 You are a life Savior Avnish Parker. <3 🙂 I made my Lower third. And it is awesome. Can you please share a link with me for Dynamic Link. I don't know what is it for, but you mentioned that in the beginning . Please help me with this. <3


sir cant we do it with only after effects??

ThePaixxx says:

Hi Avnish… @6:35 How to change the curve of the graph? My graph is totally different from yours. 🙁 This is the only issue i have while making this lower third. The rest of it is going awesome.

Piyush Pansari says:

Hey Avnish!
I am facing a problem when changing the curve of the key frames. My graphs aren’t in the same shape as yours( inverse U shape), rather they are like a slide( falling from top to the bottom).
Please help me in this, I had faced the same trouble when creating Slide Transition effect.
Thank you.

Mert Capkin says:

When I change the names in Premiere Pro, the names change but the align also changes. How can I fix this, or what did I do wrong in After Effects?

Alfonso Brothers Productions says:

Hey Avnish, on the latest version of AE, when I clicked on Rectangle 1 and Rectangle Path, I don’t have the options to change its Size, Position and Roundness. Position and Scale are in Transform: Rectangle 1, but Roundness seems to be missing. What should I do?

Avnish Parker says:

In Latest Version of After Effects, this Template Option has been removed from here. Now it has the more powerfull option. You can even change your color Inside the Premiere Pro. For doing this Go to.
File > Export > Composition As Text Template
And then save your files,
This works same, even better than the older versions of After Effects.

aravind acharya says:

Im just showing you the way, Destination is yours.. 🙂 wow nice tutorial

View of Islam says:

very nice

Bell Supalerk says:

how you can do in 13.46 🙁

Crazy Harshal says:

You need to use your own voice , because most youtubers grow from there

Ensar Gök says:

hey bro its great video but i got problem https://i.hizliresim.com/gWb442.png it is showing middle of my font can u help me ?

Jebb M says:

You spent 80 hours? Or did that say eight?

The Native Born says:

Great tutorial!

Mustafa Savaş Batkı says:

You are amazing, perfect

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