Make Blotter Media AWESOME Instagram GLOWING ANIMATIONS ! (After Effects Tutorial)

Hey Guys! Thanks for viewing my video.

You’ve seen BlotterMedia on Instagram and you’ve wondered how to create their glowing scribble animation videos in After Effects. Learn how to do this in 3 minutes.

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Atharva Mane says:

Good work <3

Tarun Verma Films says:

How you made that heart shaking on his head ?? And like blotter media added the with the bands on his hands with yellow glow how he did that please will you explain briefly??

Bryan Alessandro says:


Ebeoji says:

pretty straight forward, I love it

Black Group consulting says:

straight forward and easy, love it

Gina Alex says:

when I set the mode screen , no strokes appears. can u help me? (sorry my English.)

kio_the_maniac says:

yeah pretty good video!!! keep it up

MAMANU !!! says:

How do you copy the brush strokes to the solid?

Анастасия Гудкова says:

Thank you!!!

94 sm_cheong says:

How can i change the blend mode to screen ? i can’t see the normal botton

Sidou Nr says:

thnx youuuuuuu

LoeFX says:

Okey, so i have a project with 1200 Brush layers, how am i supposed to copy all of them? when ever i scroll down while marking everyone it laggs. how do you do what you do, you just click at the top and then at the bottom and you copy all of the brushes,,

Justiii SBA says:

You are really AWESOME!!

DJ says:

I like your videos, however I believe this one is particular would have benefited from being slightly longer (maybe 6-7 mins). It was very fast and straight to the point which is great, however I believe it maybe too fast and can loose some viewers too easily.

I have subscribed, I can wait for more. Thanks.


After I add the glow effect I can’t get the paintings to show up on the video. What should I do?

Arif Behna says:


Luyến Lam says:

great !!!!

mvntreal says:

for some reason when i paste the paint keyframes onto the solid layer they dont show up. is there anyway to fix this?

The ben ben 47 says:

You are amazing

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