Making A Low Budget Music Video – After Effects Tutorial

The final version of the music video:

Gear We Used:
Sigma 18-35mm f1.8:
Ronin M:
Cinemorph Filter:

Thanks for watching!


Khusuke says:

This tutorial was well thought out, with simple-but-effective directions. Thanks so much!

Live Dog Dead Lion says:

I am now confident!!

Samineh says:

Homeless band shelter! Lol! great great great Job! Im searching for ideas for a low budget music video for my songs. would love if you can listen to my song! ^_^

Marcel says:

I recently learned how to insert a symbol in Word

Madagascar Multimedia says:

Reptilian overlords? haha….great stuff man! Cheers from Madagascar 🙂

adamwan922 says:

Super super cool, subscribed! 🙂

Red Tiger Films says:

Love Your Channel Bro

AJJohnson315 Johnson says:

This guy is great. How can I retain your services?

LunarBear says:

Awesome video! Just checked out the actual music video and it was great. Amazing feel to it. What camera are you using? It doesn’t matter much of course, I just really like the texture it has. 🙂

Its fkn Dovah says:

Alright so ive only just passed being a beginner in premiere pro, and only ever briefly touched after effects but this was really interesting. Howd you learn/ where did you go to school for this?

Red The Man says:

Just watched the final video and it is really awesome. Great job mate. What was the total budget for this if you don’t mind my asking? It really has a big budget feel. Subscribed and bell turned on buddy. Great content

Jack B says:


Tamale Wally says:

You are great ahahaha. I can’t believe you made a simple tutorial/bts video actually entertaining! Subscribed and subbed, also very inspired 🙂 Maybe I’ll even get myself some frosted tips

Swift Productions says:

great tutorial and great video! Your humor in here made this a lot more enjoyable haha, I subbed!

Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers says:

1:23 Whoops, you left your porn open 😉

Pasha Oak says:

great job, a realy grea job! cheerz from israel. subscribed.

Engrid Media says:

All i wanted was the workflow with ae and pr. Wasnt sure how it was done until now. I always took a different approach.

HONEY SINGH information channel says:


PHONZZ says:

most inspiring tutorial i’ve ever watched. good shit

VFX Productions says:

Great video 🙂 you mention you didn’t have enough money to rent anamorphic lenses but aren’t the singers shots anamorphic?

Olle says:

where did you record this? I really want a black background as well

Nick Blanchette says:

This is great, I’m always looking for better ways to jazz up my videos. I never knew there was a wire remover effect. I’ll have to check out the rest of your channel!

Nadin says:

How can I contact you for a project?

Oli Searcy says:

I love your sense of humor

Northscream Productions says:

great vid!

SoundBoss5150 says:

Why were you googling frosted tips!?

Maestro Sounds Entertainment Human Resource says:

Hey brother i gotta question. After you Multicam do you edit in after effects each little clip? Or do you edit one clip and copy and paste that effect to all the other clips for that scene in after effects? Hope im making sense. If not would like to email or talk to you, will pay you for that information thank you!

Harriet Swift says:

What editor did you use?

Filipe Martins says:

That was a great tutorial!! Thanks for sharing mate! Please do more music video related stuff, for instance speeding up your effects workflow in a music video! Thanks!!

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