Mastering Shadows in After Effects Tutorial – Read more about this video tutorial, where we look at how to create 5 different shadow effects in AE: Drop Shadow, 3D Shadow, Light Shadow, Shape Shadow, Blur Shadow. Learn how to apply each of them and you’ll have several options when you need to give your text or design elements shadows in After Effects!
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After Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey says:

I’m glad to hear that, I try to create tutorials that inspire you to create your own looks and projects, instead of creating a video that looks exactly like the tutorial. One thing you’ll learn about After Effects, is there is always more than 1 way to do something, and depending on your project, one way may be better than another.

D.M.S Studios says:

please reply.

Keenan Dailey says:

Hey how can I replicate the art deco vintage style used in Parallel studios unsatisfying video.

jvdesuit1 says:

Hi Mickey, your tutorials as usual are great, precise and concise making them understandable for confirmed or beginners like me and also a foreigner. Most of the guys here think the world stops at the Pacific and Atlantic coasts! You’re not.

There’s just a little precision which many forget to give : the version of the software they use. Here you give it in the middle of the tutorial so this is no problem. But I suggest it should be part of the title and information given with the video. It’s important as sometimes the UI and other menus change and that make the user waste time to find where the options etc, are located especially when you begin using a program.

Thanks again. Probably unless you already did it a tutorial on how to make shadows using Videocopilt Element 3D could be interesting.
Claude from Paris – France.

BAMsterR says:

I can’t change the diffusion? help mee!!!

D.M.S Studios says:

can we use windows.

Addler Martin says:

Now THAT is a tutorial. THANKS!

Cody Kofax says:

In the 3D-Shadow, you say, you made a a text-layer and a “shadow-layer”…. now, i know what a text -layer is, but what the hell is a shadow-layer? 😀 

Michael Bright says:

This is a cool tut on shadows. Many thnx! 🙂

Ashraf Abdulkhader says:

Thanks a lot.

Trẫm Sup says:

=D<---------<~~ goodblowjob ! thank you

das meisterlein says:

whats about a inner shaddow?

stexus says:

Great Tutorial!

hipoland says:

thaks, i was like, why im not casting shadows! and of course, the material of each layer, thanks a lot!

After Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey says:

Thanks. Did you learn anything knew? what is your favorite type of shadow?

Lacy Smith says:

Very nicely done, thanks very much.

Nils Lindstrom says:

Well done. Informative, easy to follow, pleasant to listen to and not silly. This opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about shadows in AE.

Caelum Studios says:

I wanted to learn a 3D shadow from behind, im struggling to do this. Great tips, thanks.

Christopher Sprinkle says:

Great tutorial!

Tech Rush says:

tnx for help bro

Conk Sok Tun Cheng says:

Thank you

Lisa Holloway says:

Mikey, how do you cast a shadow in front of a word so that it is a “reflection” of the word onto a surface?

Brien Ahern says:

The definition of a perfect tutorial

The Chair says:

how do you get the dhadow layer??

Iqbal NGV says:

Thanks DUDE

After Effects Tutorials w/ Mikey says:

I had a ton of fun doing this tutorial, Thanks for the opportunity

Md Maruf Adnan Sami says:

Many many Thanks

CineSkies says:

Thanks just what I needed to create for a personal picture!!

Anupom Chowdhury says:

Thanks for this cool video. But how can i preserve shadow at the time of keying from green screen?

Archana says:

Thanks so much!
Really Helpful!

Relax ASMR says:

For 3D shadow..How to create the shadow layer??

Ogi Gabytzu says:

God bless you mate…. on point of suiciding… rly, thanks alot!

evnglion says:

Really nice tutorial, thanks for sharing. I’ve been working with Photoshop for over 10 years now, but have recently started playing with Premiere and After Effects so I get a lot of mileage out of tutorials like this. It makes it exciting to just explore inside the program. Thanks!

Vybloom says:

Love the video man helped a lot! is it possible to create a shadow for a moving object and have that shadow be placed in an environment from a video?  EX i have a spinning diamond i have placed over a video of a forest and if i could just get a realistic shadow to drop down on to the ground it would look amazing =(((

Hiway Johnny says:

say to like the rest. It makes a big difference between mac and windows. You say which OS your using so people aren’t trying to do what they can’t do in windows

Hussain AlMarkhi says:

Awesome Micky as always amazing tutorial good luck

ss Zang says:


Yung Nicki says:

wow great tutorial llike

oliver forbes says:

I got lost where you Nulled the two pieces of text together, how did you do that? I’ve put a null in my timeline and put as the parent to the two different coloured text, but I’m not sure what to do from there or if I’m even doing it right. Help please

Fatian Berisha says:

How to set a shadow layer???

Ks Fahim says:

Is there any way to change the color of shadow…???

Hirogram says:

Sir, you just solved one serious problem I’ve been having with a light layer: drop shadow. I didn’t know that I need to turn that function on for BOTH the light layer and whichever layers to have the shadow casted.
Salute and respect to a great tutorial!!

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