Motion Tracking in After Effects CC Tutorial – Quick & Easy! GIL HARMON TECH TUTORIALS

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Zara Delaney says:

This video is a bit too short

BaconSizzles08 says:

Itsa me PJ!

Clam Chowder Delectable says:

I honestly almost became enraged at certain points

Garrett Thompson says:

We need an UUH compilation for this.

tana says:

Your only a real man if you watch it at .25 SPEED

Sophie Beaumont says:

“I’ll just edit that out…”
I think Gil needs a tutorial on how to edit things out!

BackwashSoda says:

My laptop has low specs so i cant use af but i use hitflim express

Julie Dye says:

Very interesting and I love the face cam bubble very pleasing to look at

Harry Robins says:

But Pj, I have Adobe After Effects CC 2019.

Helena Woland says:

all of this just happen in one shoot!!!!! just amazing!! how many words

SaturnBlue says:

Ill be sure to pick me up some good ol’ Gilberts Ham

Madhunisha Jagan Mohan says:

Gil I like your Waluigi cosplay. Please make a tutorial on how you plan your outfits. Thank you.

Lena Nicolle says:

i’m so sorry for anyone who stumbled across this actually trying to learn motion tracking

TakeALilPill says:

hmm…. might be a little bit too long

emer says:

Are you proud of yourself Barbara?
Look at this. Look at what you’ve done.

Romain TeaTime says:


rosie x says:

too short. need an hour version

Leslie Black says:

Imagine someone clicking on this thinking it’s an actual tutorial

Quinton Bekeur says:

Skipped to 24:30

Actually found it helpful thanks

Claudi Applepie says:

Could you please take a little more time to explain things with a bit more detail in the next tutorial?

Harry Robins says:

“A variety of _Mario_ games. I won’t name them all – but – just to name a few…” I just chocked on my ginger beer.

Elodie Goriauxknox says:

Hey Gil, great tutorial, I’d just like to mention that 0.5 speed is still a little too fast and 0.25 speed is actually perfect and sounds so much more normal in comparison.

Chris Legge says:

Thank god I watched the whole video. Useful info through the whole 28 minutes.

Edit: just went through the whole video once more on x0.5 speed and my goodness I’ve learnt a lot more. He is quite a fast talker. I do recommend x0.5 speed.


I like that pj can not make a video without having to do a character

emer says:

Me doing homework listening to Gil fill the background void…
PJ: I would like to give a shoutout to landfills
Me: Woo! Landfill pride!
PJ: Its a bad shout out though– they’re bad for the environment
Me: Oh… Um.. *cough

Eric Cox says:


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