Polaroid Slideshow & Intro to Graph Editing – Tutorial Adobe After Effects CS6

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Hi Guys, welcome to Flat Pack FX! In this tutorial i will show you how to make this awesome Polaroid Slideshow and show you how to use the Graph Editor in Adobe After Effects CS6 and above.

Once you make this Polaroid Slideshow you can easily replace the images and move the polaroids around to make your own unique slideshow layout.



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A. J. Haw says:

This is an awesome tutorial. Thank you so much!!!

Andrei Hrytsayuk says:

thanks a lot. Very useful

Sue Vaughton Photography says:

Hi, I too can’t get the Polaroid to cast the shadow you demonstrate – I have copied the 3 elements required exactly from your tutorial – with no luck having tried 50 times or more! Any ideas?

Christian Raymund Pastor says:

Hi thanks for your tutorial. I made it hope you find it awesome. Here it is. https://youtu.be/c8Bx5aarnzE

Bhaskar Kuniyal says:

great work

João Américo - FOTOGRAFIA says:

PERFECT! Pretty Good Tutprial!!!!

Arivald says:

Great tutorial! The only part I have a problem with is the motion blur, when I tick the motion blur box and play around with the shutter angle and phase nothing happens, the image never gets blurred

EDIT: Don’t mind me, I didn’t enable motion blur for all layers with motion blur switch!

arley lopera says:

Excelent tutorial. Thanks a million!

maxtor isolado says:

thanks, becose I’ve tried in a thousand ways, but I have not been able to get those shadows like that, what should I do?

Balázs Venyige says:

If i move the Z axis, the “polaroid” comp dissappears… Can you help with this problem ?

Mathew Gilroy says:

Thanks for the tutorial! Much appreciated!

S Y says:

You are great. I purchased your template, and I love it. Also, thank you for the extra layouts 🙂 You’re the man.

Neocruz says:

nice job

abrainbox says:

Thank you for the tutorial. I learned a great deal. Would you create a slideshow tutorial like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVkig9JSC1c

Akhil Vamshi says:

Wow…..just wow……..

M Mohamed Fariz says:

Good Video… But Need More Depth Tutorial on Graph Editing… Thanks

Christopher Dean says:

cool bro

Victor Mendoza says:

I move the light as you said but it doesn’t appear any cast shadow, the option is on, what coul it be?

Ingsson Vasconcelos says:

Excellent. Thanks!

Toshio says:

Thanks for the tutorial. Had to make my own polaroid pictures to hold my pictures/videos, since yours aren’t free…

1 23 says:

6000 view is mine!

Jin Khor says:

Is there an open source out there that can do the same?

A. J. Haw says:

I am new to After Effects and I wanted to know the proper way of rendering Layout 1 in the video. I did the effect step by step and just finished it. I didn’t see the render options for mp4 so I render it to avi. However, it shook me when I saw the finished video files size. It took *1.93 GB* for a 30 sec video. How to fix it?

Arthur santos says:

i can’t make that curve in 6:50

Daniel Ramirez says:

So for some reason the polaroid image I downloaded from the link does not appear with the gray and white squares – rather, it appears with a black center and the images don’t fit in it. What am I doing wrong?

FABY S says:

excellent…it’s fantastic,thanks.

Alive Road says:

Very nice tutorial, thanks. Although I ran into a problem in the beginning. When you’re adding the spot light and after setting the objects to 3D you grab the Z axis to create the shadow. When I place my cursor on the blue dot it does not show me the Z axis and when I hold and move it, only the polaroid picture moves. Any idea what’s wrong? I tried to repeat from the beginning a few times, same issue…

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