Set your head on FIRE with AFTER EFFECTS (Home Alone) – Learn how to set your head on fire like Harry from Home Alone. In this Adobe After Effects tutorial we’ll see how to create our own fire effects and track it with your subject.

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Jay Malone says:

How about the burnt hand on the doorknob effect next? lol

LOUISLEGOfilms says:

Fantastisch geacteerd

wjirc says:

Hey guys! Can you do a tutorial on the “transfusion” effect found in the music video for MGMT – When you die ? Thanks 🙂

Ahmed Nasr says:

do you really need this tracking marks to track a head :/

Domino Gray says:

The result is really cheap… You can do better man.

La Pastèque says:

I prefer your copy cat Friday when the tutorial is in Premiere Pro ! But I like the copy cat Friday in after effects too,but i’m not godd in Ae !

D4NG3RS says:

Home alone 5

Johannes Füssel says:

In Ghost Rider they had a good with LEDs that glowed orange to simulate the light of the fire.

U trends - fun in life says:

What’s wrong with the background music

Golden Hand Gang GHG says:

One of my favourite movie and one of my favourite channel

Johannes Füssel says:

Guys I wanna do a firestunt for you 🙂 when can you squeeze that in your schedule?

Jimmy Hayden says:

Is there anyway you can make a copycat video on J.I.D – NEVER
music video, specifically the clone scene, I know you guys have done a cloning video but this one clones and also pans the camera. If you don’t make a video a message of how this is done would also be greatly appreciated!

Kotong says:

I know it’s supposed to be an easy tutorial but I wanna know if I want to make the fire physics realistic like when the actor moves and the fire wiggle a bit and when the level changes like when he walks down the stair the fire behave in a specific way. Is it possible to create that only in after effects?

Haidar Mamun says:

jordy similar to peter mckinnon

Alejod1 says:

OMG !! THIS IS THE CREATORS THAT YOUTUBE NEED !!!!! I love your videos guys

Nusta Official says:

I’m telling again ahe again.. that you are God of filmmaking♥️ love from India


Congratulations for 1 Millions subscriber

Smookie says:

Will you be doing Cinecom Rewind this year?

Andrew Akrm says:

Merry Christmas Jordy BTW I like your hair 🙂 and Merry Christmas everyone!

SVJ 007 says:

Breakdown New Martin garrix song ‘glitch’ it has good effects i would like to learn

HeadIsOnFire says:

Setting your head on fire is absurd.

Jayanth says:


Darren5728 says:

0:16 I don’t even know what kind of adjective I should use to describe Yannick’s scream…

Xceptt says:

On Fire!!

dutchvideoshooter says:

LOOOOOOOOOOL That is not a gun! 😀

Padu grah says:

This my favorit film ,i watch film since 2009,so this tutorial remember me while i’m kids

Kqrto says:

do you suggest any video camera – camcorder for cinematic films?

Scorse says:

Great video, the music did go alot up and down in volume

Haidar Mamun says:

jordy look like peter mckinnon

Nameless Guy says:

Great video, now redo the effekt in youtube rewind

MixagiTrya says:

Yannik deserves an Oscar

SANO malli සනෝ says:

0:17 sorry yannik but the act is suck

Turkish Speaking English says:

Dudes, ur effects look unnatural now

Mr Harsh says:

They Are Doing Too Hard Word *Hatsoff*

Creative JE says:

hey the download speed is very slow for the torch asset its taking me hours from next time pls upload on google drive or on some fast server

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