Shine Logo Animation in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial – Simple Logo Animation S01 E02

Welcome to the Episode 02. This time we are going to make a small, simple but professional logo animation without using any third-party plugin in my Style. Use this Animation into your YouTube Channel and other Video Project. Nice looking Card Slides and a Light Shine effect making this Logo Animation, as beautiful as Emma Watson.



Project (1 MB) [Everything Inside]:


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Background Music


Thanks for Watching.


Antony E. says:

After the intro but how does it darken in the end?

khun soe thein says:

what is the logo file type ? I make with psd it not use

Sagarsinh Dabhi says:

Excellent work Avnish

Tahseen Rajput says:

God bless you

Sk Asgar Ali says:

You r greatest man

Danish Maheshwari says:

Thank you so much, I’m new to After effects.. and you teach me very professional.. subscribed to your channel 🙂

Beszt gamer says:

NYC video

Afif Yusof says:

dude,you’re a life saver.thank you so much!!! 1+ subs for you 😀

youri st jean says:

2 things I’m having trouble with how did he do the multiple selection ? did He hold shift and highlight it ? and second thing I need help with, My laptop runs windows 10 and its a dell inspiron so when I hit f9 toe easy ease the cortana search box pops up and I’m not sure what an alternative would be to easy ease all the key frames to make the title come out smoothly, Can I individually easy ease each keyframe?

Chris Tan says:

Awesome! Just did a logo step by step 🙂

Annisa Abhayamudra says:

i’m using mac, but i don’t have that menu on the left where you can find the card effect.


A Great fan of yours!!!! Please visit my channel and suggest me for correction of my projects. I am currently a student of 10th class.

Lajor Don says:

Hi friend can you please create animation with this spelling WISDOM PICTURES as a logo form, and message me it on twitter @Lajordon2 please

Alex says:

If i delate the background is the intro transparent? And can i paste the transparent intro in Adobe PR?

ɢᴀᴅɢᴇᴛ ɢᴜʀᴜᴊɪ : ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴇᴄʜ ɢᴜʀᴜ says:

Hey brother can you please make a video on outro animation.

tracee olga says:

Clearly articulated.Thank you Avnish for the tutorial.

Sujit says:

Thanks !
I didn’t have the option for divide… so instead I edited the image and made it negative… It works too… But it is only for people who want a black background….

brian rahmarela says:

the best tutorial. very detail. thanks. subscribe!

Sulton Lubis says:

Thank you for this tutorial

Quân Lê says:

thank you so much for this very helpful tutorial, stunning voice btw <3

Lajor Don says:

Am in love with all your animation, can you teach me please, I’m from Sierra Leone

Waqas Khan says:

Brother your tutorials are awesome.

Pranjal Chowdhury says:

will your template work in after effects cs4???

Béo Studio says:

how to insert multicolor logo into video?

Muhammad Ameen says:

Where to find the free music particularly for the logo animations??? I want that badly 🙂

frakensten soki says:

thanks 😀


please say how to save the file in mp4 format

Alan Davis says:

Any good sites to find sound bytes of music that I can pair with my logo reveals?

itsmeb Mitra says:

can you make a text logo animation in after effect cs3?

DAG says:

U are awesome, i love ya 😀 <3

Fidel H Viegas says:

Avnish, any news on the Whale TV logo animation? Did you make it?

LAST call says:

if you want a logo animation video made by professionals for you then just buy it from this website-

SWO BB says:

Thank you

Don Williams CV says:

Señor Parker, MIL GRACIAS por compartir su conocimiento, estoy súper contento de aprender con usted.

Romy Adistyanto says:

Subscribed sir, great tuts hope u bring us more interesting tutorial.. be waiting for that

Jamiew says:

my light sweep isnt working, any tips? my logo is white and i have changed the light sweep to a different colour, still not working

Zack Fair says:

How do I add a thumbnail of the last frame to the video?

Shubham Bhonkhade says:

hey bro i always look for channels that has really good content about motion graphics and your channel has helping me to make some professional looking videos so, thanks​ and keep making such interesting tutorials.

MRA TECH says:

nice sir. my question is if i use this logo from project file in my youtube videos i will get copyrighte strike?
please reply.

Arifqi Fathoni says:

Thank you for tour tutorial

ItsPlatel says:

for sweep effects I dont have all those settings. just some.

Adittia Rizki Kurniawan says:

Did it! Good for my college logo 😀

Dueb Tech. says:



please reply shortly

alramdani26 says:


RusticB says:

awesome tutorial! but why do you use the text-to-speech?


but how to save as mp4

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