Sine Wave Hair (and more!) – Adobe After Effects tutorial

Make the edges of your shapes into lovely regular sine waves with control and ease. Use classic techniques with new 2018 features in this after effects tutorial. Feel the wind in your hair. Or at least feel the sine waves in your shapes.

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments.

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Ian Dan Mari says:

Thank you for taking your time to make these! so helpful!

Alan Crytex says:

It’s always good to see one of the AE gods came back with another helpful tutorial!

John Island says:

I love you!!! Thank you. 🙂

All Over says:

ay glad you’re back with the tutorials man

Антон Сытник says:

Thank y0u, Evan!

Roy Weinstein says:

Great tutorial, but I did not understand one thing. At the end of the video you showed how to blur the edges and you showed one way that is not good and then your way. The first one wasn’t good because it had a hard edge at the end of the mask so I thought the second one won’t have it, but it did. Why not just using the first way?

MrMuffinLord says:

I learn so much new things to do in after effects every time you make a video even though I’ve been using the program for like 7 years now. Awesome tutorial as always

Cristiano Velázquez says:

Thank you!

Rod G says:

i though it was the vimeo ad!! Amazing tutorial!


awesome video..thank you..

Andrew Hoffman says:

That Master Properties is a game changer.

Iron Stars says:

Let’s Clear it up, Evan Abrams and Andrew Krammer are the masters of AE. Great Tutorial as usual

Paul van Sommeren says:

Never thought of using the Stencil blend modes before, it seems quite powerful! Is the blur/curves combination on the alpha quicker to render then the Simple Choker? Also, JakeInMotion just did tutorial on a similar effect, it complements this video well.

Ali Akll - 45sec.Animation says:

wow,thanks a alot

Jun Moreno says:

After effects keeps dragging me back in 😀

David Webber says:

Fabulous! Thank you! Quick question- In the demo video how do you make the squiggly line turn black to white when it crosses its beard? Or how do you get things to flip value when it overlaps?

Dan Iel says:

Haven’t using AE in a while. Watching this tutorial. Time to use it again.

Stormy Molnjavichen says:

I do what you do but i can’t see master properties…

Brian Vio says:

I would love to see a breakdown of the comet ghost clip if you have the time!

Felo Quintero says:

Amazing sir!

Joe Sullivan says:

It is funny how you keep all these techniques to yourself and never release them until someone else does, then you make a video once the cat is out of the bag to get that ad revenue

Ricky Omega says:

Just wanted to say that I truly thank you for having this channel and allowing myself to get better as a motion designer. Been following your videos for MONTHS now. If it wasn’t for the likes of you and some Skillshare folks, I wouldn’t have made it this far. Started learning AE since September of last year and it’s been a very stressful journey. I’m not doing the best financially and going through depression but seriously, you’re one of the main reasons why I continued studying motion graphics, especially when I can’t afford School of Motion classes, tuition for good schools like Parsons, and other services like and expensive plugins. Thank you, Evan. You’re a one of a million guy.

jiji says:


Josh Lee says:

Can we have a tutorial for the textures? The lines and dots that inverse over the objects?

tutorial by safouane says:

Great vedio

Kyle Zager says:

Nothing makes me feel quite as stupid as learning a better way to do things. Why was I animating a sine wave with puppet pins? The answer is NEVER puppet pins.

(stupid in a good way. Thanks for the great tutorial)

Dre Amerq says:


John Doe says:

“….this is the part everyone likes to see, really, showing how the hot dogs get made around here….” LMFAO!!! Evan, your videos are so fecking funny! I’m not sure if I watch for the laughs or the learning. Wish I had teacher like you way back, when I went to school. Keep up the awesome work!

Anthony Tonev says:

You are a God!

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