Smooth Text Animation in After Effects – After Effects Tutorial – Writing and Masking

Learn some basic text animation in after effects, in this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create write on text animation and appear text animation by masking, all inside in the After Effects, no need to download any script or plugin. Let me know if you have any queries.

Download fonts from here:

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Michelle Diaz says:

i solve it quickly thanks !!

Movie Cat says:

where can get that sound effect for free?

Michal hanno says:

tnx look good!

Claritii says:

Hey! When I use the preview nothing happens?

I’m stuck at the part 3:25

When I move the current time indicator nothing happens, I’ve filled everything over the original text. Please help! Thanks!

Roberto Queiroz says:

Hi, Parker!!

What software do you use to record the screen?

Nice tutorial…

Thanks for help us!!

Visal Thai says:

I have problem with Pen Tool stage!! when I tried to paint follow the letter, I can’t keep and start another part(I use Ctrl for break). when I use Stroke it’s start action only first paint. pls tell me why?
Thank You!

Loogitu says:

Professional ! BEST

Mister Jenuel says:

do you still have the project file,, ?

Winter says:

hey, I used this effect on some other work without the grey background which I understand is used to cover the annoying grey circles which appear within letters like “O”. Is there a way to remove this annoying circle?

Name Skunky says:

im stuck at 2:10 after i finish a letter how do i change the pen to another letter without following the last letter’s

anarchy. says:

i have a white line in my first letter and dont know whats its from

Skytriqqer says:

2:08 how do you make a new line?

ImAlfie says:

fucking useless, gives no help

Alex Morris says:

Hi Avnish, would it be possible to remove the background on this so as to type over some other footage? Thanks again.

Akchhay Kant Jha says:

plz i need the name of the software

renoka DINHO says:

muito criativo

J Lizaso says:

How do you make it transparent? Thanks for the video btw

renoka DINHO says:

gostaria de saber como contratar os serviços neste seguimento.

scottsui says:

Thanks for the tutorial, but may I know what is the screen recorder you are using? thx

Urva Patel says:

How did you save it ???

Faheem Ahmed says:

ufff! to difficult!!! just use legen!d

Amirul Rahman says:

how yo start with transparent?..i do like u, i get black

ahmed mubarak says:

what is the name of the second sound effect please ?

Technovation Project HKJSASU says:

I am more interested on how to make the bottom right green box

Lucas Barrios says:

So easy and symple!! Love the content.

Linux Peasant says:

Won’t it work when I close the pen to form a shape? 🙁 It didn’t worked when I connected to an end point for any letter

Riddle Master says:

where to find ‘Remichine script’ for Text?

Mali Assia DZ says:

hello avenish thank you for these wonderful tutorials , i am a beginner and i am trying to make this motion and i can’t find the font and the effect stroke , how can i add em !!???

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