VFX Screen Replacement – Quick After Effects Tutorial

Thought I’d put this tutorial out. I do screen replacements a lot and love how Mocha AE is such a simple solution to an otherwise tedious venture.

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GameAcid13 says:

Couldn’t you just use a green screen app instead?

Zachary Williams says:

Thanks! 😀 I feel like I kind of suck at video editing sometimes, but your videos are really easy to understand.

CCVFX - Cousteau Christopher VFX says:

Hey Josh! Just a real quick tip that I accidentally stumbled upon a while ago. If you warp stabilize your footage and then try to track, it says it won’t work, BUT if you add a solid, turn off it’s visibility, and then pre-comp the footage and the solid, you can then track on the pre-comp and save time without rendering the warp stabilized footage. Don’t know if that works with Mocha AE but it does with AE’s tracker.

Kasper Nørgaard says:

What about screen reflections and screen overlay?

Divineshot 314 says:

Awesome tutorial!

Alessandro Panza says:

iOS on Samsung?

Lucky Luke Productions says:

Beautiful video

Jimmy Wan says:

I don’t get it. Why couldn’t she just use a real action with a switched on screen during shooting ?
Why does she have to pretend using a phone and waste time to add a screen in post production ?

NataWorkStudio says:

Looks good.

please check out my plugin hope you like it.

Fleorov says:

Doesn’t work.. When I try to render out something as Quick Time, the codec H.264 doesn’t appear. There is Animation instead..
H.264 is not even available under Format Options..
So when I try any other format, I can’t import it in mocha. It says it’s a corrupted file or an unsupported format((

Can you help out here?

Thiago Palia says:

That was super usefull man. Thank you so much for the effort!!


Dope! Thx

DroiMedia says:

Amazing – only done this with photographs – cool to see it with motion. Another great tutorial!

Cliff Alexander says:

Great video! Keep up the great work! Where do you get your music or do you create it?

Kri Sti says:

Omg another tut from josh ayyy brother keep it up upload. lot tuts we want to lesr. From u , u are masterpiece ❤

Dao Quang says:

there’s one problem man, her phone is an Android phone, but the screen after replaced is an iOS interface haha! Good and useful tutorial anw!

TheyCallMeCotton says:

feel like you could have done a much better job at adding that to the phone, you can still see the real screen… Other than that everything you so is absolutely brilliant. Keep up the great work Josh. Maybe we can collaborate one day

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