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Hey Everyone, Welcome back again. Winters are coming, so this Tutorial too. Just some cool animations and sweet bubble animation, Ready to give your logo a fresh new feel. Follow simple steps, and make yourself a Logo Intro. In this Tutorial, we are going to cover, How to make liquid logo animation in after effects, how to make YouTube channel Intro, How to make water logo animation. All of these in Just one Tutorial..

As always, this tutorial is Free, and we are not using any third party plugin for creating this.

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Background Music: https://www.bensound.com/

Logo Intro Music (Water Logo Reveal): https://goo.gl/twKf7u


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Vendor says:

you are osm bro !! I think you are the founder of these software s

Mubashir Rizvi says:

You are amazing bro prayers from Pakistan

Vasjan Çupri says:

Useful tutorials as always you make After Effects look so easy

T X R says:

Awesome as always.. Keep it up mate.

Penplays says:

dude u are sooooo amazing i love u im using your methods to try and create my own intro with affter effects 😀 keep up the good work

Deep Rakesh says:

I’m eager to know what happens to F4 button in the next video…

Faustin Niyigena says:

Hey @Avnish Could u share on how you created your intro? Thx for all your free tutorials

Pasindu De Silva says:

you are amazing.

Drop Taran says:

Maybe the disliker prefers Vegas Pro over After Effects

Le King says:

Around 10000 artwork stolen off your tutorials on steam by “graphic designers”, one new type ! 😀

AlGumer says:

Отличный туториал! С нетерпением жду следующей недели!

Dir Vines says:

As usual best tutorial.

Burak Kızılobek says:

dude thanks for it! i am really looking for this effects nowadays on my mind. congz for ur great timing. we love u <3

abhi shek says:

Good one

Photoflash Pothencode says:

very good tutorial i really like,you are awosome

B- RINGER says:

hello mr parker! it’s very helpful to watch your videos because you go step by step and you know, what questions your viewers may have. on this free download side you told us a few weeks ago i found a very cool effect. can you show us how it works? Here is the link to the video: https://www.videezy.com/after-effects-templates/7693-sharp-parallax-4k-opener-after-effects-template/premium
i always wait for your new content and i learned very much about after effects. also i like this voice-thing because it’s always easy to unterstand. thank you.

badee barbarasker says:

Good job

H K says:

Great like always 🙂 thank you for helping us.

Vagner Melo says:


Techspiration says:

F4 key part was the best #bluewhale

Firework Fanatic says:

I have always loved your tutorials, and this one is no exception. However, this video played FOUR ads in the middle of the video. I want to focus on following the tutorial as I work, not skipping ads. I am totally ok with adverts before and after the video, but please keep the main portion ad free so I can focus on what you are doing. Thank you for another great tutorial, I look forward to your next project!

Bastian Curt says:

Yeah, I agree. But why “Best on Youtube”?

Yuvraj Singh says:

Always In Wait For Your Video.
Thinking That What Will You Bring This Week.
Thanks For All The Efforts Made By You.

RaMb0 Gaming & More says:

https://youtu.be/HlC2d5hJmdw thnx dude for teaching ihad tried ur effects ony csgo video edit check guyz hit like and susb to avnish parker for teaching us

ad gh says:

Nice work as usual

pradeep bareth says:

Avnish you are great

KinanDev says:

as always like befor watching

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