Charlie Puth – Attention (GARAGEBAND TUTORIAL)

Learn how to make “Charlie Puth – Attention” in Garageband on your iPad or iPhone!
You can also check out when Charlie Puth himself makes the song 😉

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BJ king says:


KenwolfMC says:

You are amazing

Muser Crown says:

I have an updated version

Lucas and Marcus_fan page says:

Can you do intoxicated by Simon gribbe and mix with blink of an eye by Simon gribbe please please relay if you want to do it

Thediamond Minecart says:

That picture is from seven years old.

sam williams says:

What I did was buy the song go to sampler download it record the whole thing then I’ve done it

The THING says:


Troy Nelson says:

How do you use mute on the desktop version?

Maxuo says:

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson plz

roei vilner says:

It’s great, thanks!

Sherfiqa Sharidan says:

i made it! but you were too fast though hehe

Varun Patni says:

That breakdown on 8:57 is the only reason I’ve decided to subscribe xD

Strik3 says:

“And turn this WOW thing to the right” LOL

Corny Tailor says:

Dude you’re a freaking God

Dat Cap says:

When you sneezed that made me laugh plz tell me that
I am not the only one

Chaos E says:

8:53 best moment in this video thx

Muser Crown says:

This sucks

Chris S says:

Wtf? Wow

MADy H says:


SonicWolf [Christian Payne Studios] says:

Amazing tutorial!

Anime Lryics says:

Wow what an amazement I somehow figured out how to play attention without help and u did the same keys i did

i have no life says:

I love this! I was just wondering, I use garageband on a computer instead of an iPad — is there a computer equivalent to the guitar mute you added in at 1:41?

Rifad 2508 says:

Tolol peak lu gc banget si pelan pelan apa ahhh lu tolollllll

Anthony Plays says:

This is rubbish! It’s only half of the song, if anyone noticed?


thank you so much Arvid Sandgren it really helps. Everyone subscribe to his channel. HE IS AMAZING!!!!

FunMiaLoL // StopMotion FILMS says:

that p-bass is so catchy!! who agrees

Nana T says:

How do you break it down so good man ?

Piano Nation says:

What is apk name please?

Xenolix says:

You are great

John Cena says:

8:22 you’re welcome

God 74 says:


Preety Saurabh says:

Superb! Well, which app was this? Please tell, na. Thank you….. 🙂

Yeeshia Vang says:

Can u do the tutorial on the piano for this? Mine has no melody…

Yanmei Hu says:

thank you very much,it’s great

unknown Guy says:

Over all you did a amazing job but I did shit, slow the fuck down

RoadTripRoadie x MendesArmy x Puther x HRVY says:

how did you come up with this? it’s so good!

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