Creating a Song with Apple GarageBand Live Loops for iOS and Apogee

Apple’s new Live Loops feature provides incredible sequencing functionality for GarageBand on iOS. With an intuitive touch interface of iPad/iPhone and GarageBand’s availability as a free App, creating loop based music has never been easier. Only Apogee’s audio interfaces offer direct connectivity to iPad/iPhone and true professional sound quality for recording or playing back tracks with Live Loops in GarageBand. This song was recorded using Apogee MiC, JAM and ONE audio interfaces connected directly to iPad.

Urban Hike is an original song by Cody Cloe and Sergio Ruelas made on an iPad Pro using the new Live Loops feature in GarageBand for iOS. Cody started off by creating the song structure, comprised completely of sounds within the default Live Loops Dub Step template, while monitoring through headphones via Apogee ONE. After the song was created and arranged with the royalty free loops built into GarageBand, Sergio used Apogee JAM 96k to record electric guitar into Live Loops cells. All guitar tracks heard in the song were created by Sergio and recorded with JAM. Once guitar was finished and added to the arrangement, Cody wrote the lyrics and recorded his vocals using Apogee MiC.

Hear the finished song:


The jetset life Killed me already says:

I always use live loops!

Nick Jamison Music says:

lol the quality is too good to be true. Just blew my mind :0

reMOTE says:


Blakedagreat Never know says:

Love it

V Gar says:


lukesuperflyjones says:

This is truly incredible! Keep it up Apogee!!

Pink Flamimgo says:

Damn dat beat kept me dancing

Jake says:

Does anyone know of any plugins/software that is similar to live loops?

RRRSoulEvan says:

You should sale this on iTunes

Blakedagreat Never know says:

I love this

Kimberly Gyoon says:

i wanna try

Blakedagreat Never know says:


Eclipse says:

This is why i dont have a samsung

Samsungs suck

Asmrisdumb says:


Leamon Stubbs says:

Apogee has better sound quality compared to IK multimedia devices …but the way to Go when creating loop based music is iOS for beginners” never been this simple “

world boss says:

awesome job i mean amazing thw guitar and your voice really goes together great job.abd make some more vid i aubsricbed.

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