Custom Ringtones on iPhone – No PC and No Jailbreak – Tutorial

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Please make sure to download ‘.mp3’ – otherwise, you may have problems in GarageBand.

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The basic explanation –
Download Song ~ Find Location ~ Click 3 Dots (options) ~ Share ~ Save To Files ~ iCloud ~ GarageBand ~ (Click the Loop) ~ Audio Files ~ Import from iCloud Drive ~ Select your song ~ Hold your finger and drag it onto the timeline ~ Play, to make sure it works ~ Back out to main menu ~ Hold your finger on your GarageBand Project ~ Select it ~ Share (Box with Arrow) ~ Ringtone ~ (Name it) ~ Settings (app) ~ Sounds ~ (Select your song) – then you are done.

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dankus.memeius says:

thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPugsieHD says:

*The text tutorial is finally here* – _but why is this good?_
• It’s good because it’ll be a place that is consistently updated with the latest method without needing a video.
• It’s got all the need-to-know and a full up-to-date walkthrough.
Check it out, you can find it at the bottom of the page for – everything is there.

Lil Nugget says:

When i went to garage band and tapped on the loop thing and went to audio files i couldnt drag the audio file of my ringtone out for some reason. The ringtone file was transparent.

Roy Narayanasamy says:

Thank you

Official Kιdzyy says:

only vibrates bruh

lucy:D says:

now I have to decide if i want to use “the werld is yer erster” or “x is greater than the value of y”

Vinegar says:

It says “An error occurred:
We are sorry. Converting music videos from YouTube is not possible in your territory / region.”

RayGunLAB says:

whenever im holding down on the song after converting it doesn’t pop up with the share option help please

Nur Damia says:

i dont have the share to icloud icon T_T

Iamsoftpng says:

It doesn’t show: add to iCloud

Gammachuu Tolla says:

It said I can’t convert it in this territory/region.

Kim Taehyung says:

Hi hope you respond i really need you help. When i click the apple loops there is no audio files and music popping up. What should i do? Please help

Liam says:

Wallpaper plz

UL Rin says:

It won’t let me download Garage Band since I don’t have the IOS 11 update, but is there any app to get the ringtone because I really don’t want that shitty ios 11 on my phone.

Sophia Grace says:

Thank you so much!!!

Clarito Andres says:

It says it’s not available in my region

Ibrahim Ahmed says:

Unable to swipe

It's DAT Boi Again says:

Hey man, i really liked using the other mp3 converter can u give me the link please because the other one isnt working for me. I really appreciate it!

Nada Ibrahim says:

Thanks it worked ❤️❤️❤️❤️

JTG Top 15 says:

It says I can’t covert music from YouTube because my region or territory

Sniffus says:

What is the name of song u used?

Maya Vartan says:


Kaitie Mei says:

Downloading the video doesn’t work. I tried all the links and others just force me to go to the music app.

TheGrassySceptile says:

Nice converter that UK can’t use

T4MMY T.T says:

I pressed “download mp3” and it kept going on random ads

Dr. Farhad Uzzaman says:

It’s amazing, it’s really work. Thanks a lot….

Tori Miku says:

Can you share the ringone like through text and that person who receives it can save it to their settings?

CrazyMan #Pixels says:

Why I don’t have a Select Button on iPhone 6?

domg778 says:

can you use this for alarms?

Taehyung’s Tribute says:

Will this work on iPads?

Mohammed Gt says:

Omg it’s really worked omgggggg

Layaisdaboss says:

It works I used it to set my textones Thanks A lot man!!

Primus03 says:

It’s a virus I’m not doing it

Help Me says:

Thank you so much!!!

FlamePhoenix says:

I did it on iPod and it worked

Mary says:

6:25 I’m waiting for it to import but it doesn’t seem to, should I wait it out?

Ibrahim Ahmed says:

It is asking me to download an other app

SugaLovesJiminsJams says:

When I click import from iCloud Drive and I import it the text showed up a dark gray and not black it won’t let me drag it to the time track line please help as soon as possible

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