Game of Thrones — Theme Song Created in GarageBand [4K]

Apple released GarageBand 2.1.1 and with this update they added Pipa, Erhu, Chinese Drum Kit and a lot of new loops and features. If you’re not seeing the new instruments just go to advanced settings in your garagaband app and turn on Chinese Instruments.

Download the GarageBand and AIF file:

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🎙ayfondo // Music


InWorld Films says:

AMAZING !!! …. well done x

Sameer Nayak says:

Amazing iPad.. and you did it..

Tupac Shakur says:

Thats amazing

Aravind selvaraj says:

Thank you!!! downloaded 🙂

Alenzero Official says:

Helal olsun iphonedocum eline sağlık

M P says:

Flapping wieners? :))

Mauro Juarez says:

la mejor intro del mundo!!!

D. R. says:


Kaan Cantürk says:

Son söze kadar yabancı sandım allah affetsin

That’s Amazing.

Murat KAYA says:

çok yetenekli adamsın kardeş vallahi imreniyorum sana. müzik de süper olmuş bravo 🙂

Andy Dnetz says:

you just rock! are you member of the Facebook Garageband Users Group ?

Mehmet Yildiz says:

reis please remake a grange band video for iMac

MR.BARAN says:

Helal olsun sana be

Alf The Elf says:


JD Bond says:

Do a tutorial!

UNVXD says:

It’s awesome ! I make songs on Garage band too, but I think I need to keep practicing, tell me what you think of it if you have a few minutes 😛

Mehmet Suat Yağlı says:

damn amazing:))))

Atakan says:

Yapıyosun bu işi

Ĝenĥui Esperanto says:

Wow ,厉害!

Ethan Cheung says:

The way he said er hu though,

As someone who knows Chinese, I’m pretty triggered
Good job tho

INYOHA says:

Scott Highmoor says:

Ahh the last chord is bothering me .-.

Giantkiller130 says:

Yo that shit was so dope. I found you by looking for videos about garage band, but when I saw your shirt and your wall I was like, I gotta follow this guy.

Kemal Türk says:

Sen bu işi biliyon hacı abi.

Natanael Oliveira says:


Kallen Lacroix says:

I love u. you are a god become my sebpie

Akgol yazılım says:

Bu tip cover lar için nasıl izin alınıyor?

Turkuaz_ says:

Ekranda elini titreterek vibrato yapmaya çalışmana çok güldüm. İstemsizce el gidiyor sanırım 😀

Udam Haritha says:

This is amazzing

Le Réalisateur Tristan says:

Cool !

Zubeyir Unver says:

Abi harikasin supersin ya hayranimsana belcikadan selamlar

Rooyke says:

War Machine Figür <3

CenkDaniels says:

4. akor Am değil Dm,ilk intro ise mi la do re 2 kez, 3. ve m la do# re olacak:)

Pablo D'Ambrosio says:

Wiener, Wiener. Wiener, Wiener. Wiener, Wiener…

OM Gangadhar says:

Great very nice How can do add other instruments in garage band pls tell me

Vigneshwar S says:

Could you make the entire Game Of Thrones title song on GarageBand, please?

phere says:

holy crap this is awesome

Gabriel Time says:

Good job bro

Hoi Hoi says:

The erhu doesn’t sound right, but nice job

DJ Smashcourse —also known as Tunmi Jubril says:

You kinda sound like Grew from Despacable Me it’s funny and cool.

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