Garage Band (Beginner Tutorial) HD Tutorial#1

Tutorial #2-

Tutorial #3-

Hope this helps! If you have any questions please leave them in a comment! 🙂


Herman Figueroa says:

What’s the easiest one to use, Ableton, GarageBand, Fl Studio or Protools, I got a Pc Labtop?

Haleys Adventures says:

Hi! When I hit the “shift, command & k” the keyboard never showed up. Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks !

HealByHealth says:

Wow! This is very helpful! Thank you.

Kristy Jones says:

Gosh, I guess I’m the only one that got confused. You got confused, and then confused me.

Chris Foster Songs says:

very helpful good job!

StoneColdSober says:

Thank you very much, I appreciate you helping this old hack…Kind thanks Michael

Booompi says:

Is your background picture on Coco Pam in the Maledives?

jpgharley says:

mine doesn’t look like yours wassup

spiddyman007 says:

shift command k thats all i needed to know


Finally a great tutorial of these band

Ellen Violette says:

Do you have a website, I need help with something in particular.

Nicolet Schouten says:

Great tutorial! thanks a lot 🙂

TFB Phantom says:

Thank you man helps a lot

Natasha Ariyaviriyanant says:

thankyou somuch for making thiss

Review Junkies says:

Awesome tutorial <3 .. have a great month too !!

Dennis Walker says:

Dennis Walker 12

61st Street says:


jpgharley says:


Mitchell Petingola says:

Is Garage Band and Logic only on Apple products?

prostargamig7 says:

Still do’nt understand

Selina Goosy says:

this was made in 2012! Im watching in 2016, almost 2017

MaryBroadcastBand says:

nice video, have a look at my videos too. Thx! Cheers Mary

Romeo Lam Ka Lok says:

< -v->

Sharon S says:

13:46 was still very informative! Thank you!

Robert Nobles says:


Alex Massey says:

I just got myself an iPhone 7+ and this was on it. I’ve just downloaded it onto my iPad Pro can’t wait to play. I’m not going to android anymore lmao iv6e converted

Kaia_ Boyle says:

whenever i click on the keyboard collection,it doesn’t go to the “titling” and “what to name the project” page,it just goes strait to the project.

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