Garage Band tutorial 1: getting started

musical typing, tracks section, transport bar

-It’s been a little bit of time since I made this video! I want to say thank you to everyone who watched it, it was my very first youtube post and still going strong! Because of so much positivity, I’ll always keep this one ad free. More than anything, always remember to bring lots of energy, positive vibes, and fun to learning music!


Sabrina Moncrieff says:

Great tutorial thank you so much – very clear and concise I love it!

Sebastian Arrese says:

Great work! 

Casper Huurdeman says:

Thanks it was very helpful!!

Simon Wee says:

Thank you   Jay  for a very good lesson for a beginner like me.

bloodrunsclear says:

Thanks! Just got this and this guide has been invaluable 🙂

Ti-Jung Hou says:

Thank you so much !! You talked so clearly that I could easily understand even though I’m a Taiwanese. :)))

anjasergeeva says:

I can’t get my keyboard to play the notes, the screen simply flashes every time i hit the numbers on my keyboard, please help im new to mac 

Daniel says:

Beautiful Tutorial, Thankyou very Much Jay! This helped me quite a lot (:

Tiago Veiga says:

Nice tutorial, good job, thank you!

Joseph Walker says:

Dude, your tutorials are amazing!

Anthony Garcia says:

Make a video how to connect midi controller


Hi, how do i post a song from garage band to fast could you help me as soon as possible please

EstherG Gieringer says:

Thanks very much Jay. I have been wanting to learn about Garage Band for some time and have finally started. This is a wonderful basic and easy to understand introduction. Much appreciated. Happy New Year.

El OsO says:

Hey my garageband mutes all of the tracks and the mute button flashes. On top of that when I use say a synth or piano to use my midi keyboard I get a bunch of notes that get hit at one time. Any help would be appreciated.

HarrysArkOfSpace H says:

thank you its still all new to me ahahaah. thank you for the time you spend doing this stuff thanks 🙂

Bionic Rose Productions says:

Thank you very much. Very helpful 🙂

Julius Valsson says:

Thanks! Very helpful

BigDonSkillz says:

Awesome tutorial man! Well spoken and completely made sense. Definitely watching part two!

Josef Cabanca says:

Thank you. I think this was a very helpful tutorial. I think that your links are helpful. You are a great video maker. Your audio is very good. Very little background noise. You have a lot of potential on YouTube.

Yusof Nazari says:

Your voice is very friendly and this tutorial is helpful. You’re dope.

MNA says:

Esse app só é para teclado

Tyler Cox says:

Best tutorial I’ve found, thanks so much!

Kay Dunk says:

hey can someone please answer this question, I need to know how to add soundkit sounds onto my midi keyboard and trigger them

Larry Domingue says:

Any idea why,  when I attempt to open my “Score” view, it states “this option is not currently available”?

IFrosty Gamez -road to 500 subs says:

Please help me in my goal

funny zone says:

thanks bro

Ben says:

Thank you so much

Ayon SG says:

hello can we zoom the tracks in & out vertically? This is really absurd that I can’t find such a simple option to do that…. although horizontal zoom option is clearly there…..

art Coleman says:

keep it up,most understandable presentation Ive seen yet ,thanks from a beginner

bluegrassbarry says:

Hi Jay.  thanks for your excellent tutorial(s).  I just got my first mac today after being a PC man forever.  got the new macbook pro 15, because I am a guitar player and have been into recording lately.  on my cheaper laptop I had some rudementry DAWs but will soon get some better ones, perhaps CUBASE and maybe someday PROTOOLS, but for now I want to learn about Garage Band and having perused quickly over youtube tutorials, I found your getting started one here and I have to say, you have a great style.  it’s clear and concise and well structured.  So I’m subscribing your channel and I will go through all your tutorials.  I’m hoping they are fairly comprehensive.  (I haven’t looked beyond this first one yet.)  Tomorrow I will look at better audio interface options than I currently have.  After a quick look around the internet, it seems a good moderately priced interface is the Apogee One.  I will mostly use guitars and mics.  Really, thanks again for sharing your skills freely.  I’m looking forward to learning what Garage Band can do. 


My face is awesome

Lego Loverz says:

Thank you so much

mastafish says:

Jay, way to knock this one out of the park. They don’t make ball parks big enough.

JuicyTalk says:

this was a helpful video thank you

warejax101 says:

Where’s the link?

waterman561052 says:

thanks so much that was very helpful

Dj TrEyZ bAnDz says:

Hey I’m 15 trying to figure out what I wanna do when I get older.. Always had love for music so I decide to make my own beat all I’m asking is for u to hear one beat of mine tht I made and tell me what you think thanks!

Neema Zardkoohi says:

i can’t figure out how to get to 6/8 time guys anyone know how?

Child Coder says:

He whats up guys, I’m making a game and I need people to help me out with the music tracks and etc. If anyone is interested message me

honeybfly1980 says:

Is there anyway to record a subliminal on garageband? When I turn the vocals down in garageband and turn the music up its the correct way in garageband but when I convert to mp3 I can still hear the vocals. Any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong?

Geoffrey Wynn says:

Very clear tutorial…thanks. Geoff

Krista says:

thank you so so much. i have been watching GarageBand tutorials for 2 days and none of them were at all helpful until i discovered yours, which is perfectly well made and very easy to follow along with. thank you very much for this video 🙂

Ryan says:

I just bought a 2 channel interface so I can plug my stratocaster into my computer and use the amp sims. On the high gain ones, I get enormous feedback even with the feedback protection on.

michael mattice says:

Thanks so much for sharing…I’m from the 70’s so technology(Frankenstein Monster Voice) BAD!…and SCARY!:)…I appreciate the help:)

Jacob Pryor says:

During my song i stop the drummer for a guitar solo, how do i restart it where i want it?

Jackson Welch says:

great video! Thanks!

Chijioke Ezeh says:

Thank You so much for this tutorial and keep it up …One Love

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