Garageband 11, Introductory Tutorial

This is a short tutorial, detailing how to add loops and a real instrument, your voice, for a small sound clip. It was originally developed by Kelly Janzen, an Apple Distinguished Educator. Her tutorial is called, “Secret Agent Theme”. I made some small changes to it.


Lola Bar says:

This is great! Thanks for shearing..

NeckNoddinOnDaBeat says:

is it possible to create a folder of samples and drum kit that i made myself and import them into garageband? is it also possible to chop samples in garageband?

Swurph says:

Tip: To just hear one track, just click the “headphones” button on it. (:

OmgItsOllie says:

i realy need help asap when i drag the loop to the workspace it disappears and then i cant drag another loop any help please?

mudskeeter101 says:

Your shaker is listening through your Mic lol

DaveViduus - says:

holy shit this vid helped me out >:D thx 4 the help, its only gam y u heff to b mad

Mason Woods K says:

Hello, I’m James Bond

Guerschon .A. says:

Hi!!! it’s a very niice tutorial video!!! Really! I have a question though…. When I make a new project,… I can’t choose to make loops because I have nothing in the screen…. :s I wonder why…??? Can you help me please? …

Thank you 🙂

mudskeeter101 says:

great vid man!

James White says:

Always listen to TOM LEYKIS!!

Byrell The Great says:


DukeSilver808 says:

Love the wall paper may i ask were you got that?

amir bey-roger says:

pickles! dragons

renato a says:

How do you add strings to your original song??

Sharan India says:

awwesome thanxxxx

Silvana O'sullivan says:

I already know all this stuff

Jeans 83 says:

Great tutorial! Thanks a lot. Garageband is so much more intuitive than Cubase…never going back to that crap again .p

grimes202 says:

how do you change the track volume the triangle doesnt show up on my garage band

StealthNinja225 says:

“Hello, I am James Bond”
“Really? Are you sure you’re not Jigsaw?”

Me Liz says:

This is the most insane piece of shit app in the world, can’;t get it to fucking work

York U Gospel Choir says:

QUESTION: How do you turn MIDI files into audio files on garageband??

Indio Kaiowa says:

very good fade! 🙂 Ras AM

snekboi says:

My GarageBand seems a little stuffed up.
When I drag a loop in and drop it anywhere, it disappears, and I can’t drag any more in. Any suggestions?

Sean Lim says:

AWESOME MAN!! pls keep making more vids

Wilsar J says:

Thank you so much. You were so helpful. 🙂

Highteeeee says:

You said it wrong! It´s “Bond, James Bond” not “James Bond” 😀

Markus Kremer says:

Hey nice tut but am I able to publish my tracks I made with Garage Band?

0509killer says:

@swaggquintin there’s a looping function button next to the play button, at least on the 2011 edition. A yellow bar will appear above the sample and the sample will just loop; and you can extend that bar as far as you want as you add tracks. hope this helps.

Mad Hatter's Reef says:

I love this computer more and more everyday 🙂

renato a says:

Great tutorial..What about mixing the song..

Рената Джеканович says:

thank you so much) you can’t imagine your part)

alisha sapra says:

can you add lyrics?

sombrez says:

hey when i add a blue apple loop file it just adds a track named audio and it doesn’t add the loop
also if i try to add another one it will act like i didn’t drag it to the timeline

Ewan Bowman says:

Hi Jose. Thanks for this great intro video. Just made my first track after watching this.

Homeless Guy [Second Account] says:

AWESOME TUTORIAL! could you please make another one with some other stuff in it?
but awesome dude!

Fred Showker says:

Why is it completely out of focus? I cannot use it being so blurry.

Jose Martinez says:

@pradetzki Ha ha, haven’t heard that one before. I guess the logical thing to do would be to go to Hollywood!

Laura Mccabe says:

Thank you 🙂

Deniz Demiri says:

@cfdzjnq yeah i know its really good get a load of this. A friend of mine working with Axwell said this software is the bomb for big beats and crazy effects. you can get it here >>>

Dreem says:

Is it allowed to use garageband’s pre-made music in official music production?

giftedoz says:

@hennafied all loops on garage band are free to use and not copyrighted.

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