GARAGEBAND 2.3 – The BEAT SEQUENCER in Detail – Tutorial for the iPad

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Stephen Nielsen says:

Is there a way to put GarageBand on one channel in AUM? GarageBand accepts inter app audio, but can it be sent as inter app audio?

Ponk 80 says:

if you make two beat tracks, you can just make one left and one right, and change velocity on the beats, to make it more on the left or right side.

periurban says:


TheVimFuego says:

Whoever is in charge of the UI design deserves an award. So intuitive.

GrandVaper says:

Tolk about effekts *)

Perry Pelican says:

FYI: After the update i had to do a hard reboot to get it to run properly

Perry Pelican says:

GarageBand is just getting better and better. It is cool because it gives everyone great stuff for free and pushes the other developers to be competitive. Its very smart for Apple because they make on every purchase. Apple is so smart.

]•Dude Rekkit106•[ says:

I ruined it for the perverts cos the likes were 69 likes

amy fuerta says:

Needs more time signatures now that they have this

TheAudioDabbler says:

makes me want to upgrade my iPad just so I can keep garage band on it all the time.

Colin Powell says:

Berrwilliant! 🙂

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