GarageBand: a beginner’s guide to Live Loops (20 Tips!)

A basic walkthrough for GarageBand 2.1’s new Live Loop feature. This video shows how to use GarageBand on iPad Pro, which is a beginners guide for Live Loops. Making music is easy with GarageBand on iPad Pro! Listen to Jeff’s rap – 10:00

##Table of contents:
– How to create a new song using Live Loops – 00:00
– How to play a loop – 00:52
– How to tell when a loop is looped vs non-looped – 01:39
– How to move and zoom the Live Loops grid – 02:37
– How to play a column – 03:18
– How to adjust volume, mute, and solo instruments – 04:19
– How to rename columns and instruments – 05:18
– How to move rows – 05:50
– How to browse, filter, and import loops – 06:10
– How to cut, copy, paste, and delete loops – 07:22
– How to move loops – 07:50
– How to edit a loop – 08:21
– How to turn off looping for a loop – 08:40
– How to change the length of a loop – 09:01
– How to add effects to a Live Loops performance – 09:47
– How to add a virtual session drummer to your performance – 13:18
– How to record a Live Loops performance – 14:17
– How to view the song waveform layout – 16:32
– How to make a song fade out – 17:22
– How to export a recording – 17:45

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AV Professionals says:

Well done. Great run through and real world examples. You are very talented

Siddhartha Shankar Dey says:

13:13 when i forgot it was a count down video….and not a Dop Ass Lit Groove Video

Philippo Franchini says:

Excellent presentation! Easy to follow

TheBoltMaster says:

BRUH!you got BARS!you got FLOW!you got EVERYTHANG DOE!

F4fletch Vids says:

I can’t get the loop thingy

Sentry Gaming says:

well i thought the hand movments were needed


great really feeling those vibes

Kaw Zan says:

I have that

Garry Bjornson says:

Hey thanks for this tutorial 🙂

KNcrazy10986 Minecraf gamer thai says:

Wait a sec u play the same music like me at 12:31!

Silver Key says:

hi very instructive demo. Can you still trigger loops if you zoom in the page?

Ytube Funix says:

Thanks for making I really needed that >3

Probably Alex says:

Thank you so much amazing tutorial m9

Khushal Bhandare says:

Sick !!!!!!!!

Precision Sound Works says:

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Guide. Dat flow was tight, mang! Thank you for posting this vid!

Simon Harris says:

It’s good for drum and percussion loops but if you start using the melodic riffs you might as well be playing a Nintendo

Loc Nguyen says:

this is fucking sick thanks a lot for the video lol… very informative.

Sanu says:

Garageband is the coolest app ever….

William and Felix A s says:


Sammy Davis says:

THIS IS CRAZY!!! I never knew GarageBand would do all this! I’m about to put this back on my iPad today! Thanks for this!

Disco Donn says:

Can somebody help me with my problem I had a whole song finished with like 8 tracks and I needed to split a small piece of one part and I pressed the plus button and tried to adjust the number of sections so it could be easier to see and split but I just changed the number slightly and now there’s only three tracks and they all just loop over and over again how do I recover my original song

Narutske Umazachi says:

Basically a launchpad?…

clint4Now says:

So what I’m trying to do is create my own original loops (not pre recorded) to then just copy and past in a final song without having to hit record again, how can I do that? Thanks to anyone that can help!!

TheUrbanSoldier says:

Nice vid, I subbed for vids that are helpful like this

ben dale says:

Hi. I made some music using Garage Band. It would mean a lot if you could check it out and leave an opinion. Thanks 🙂

T Music says:

Great video I started making music on GarageBand you can hear it on my channel

fclefjeff says:

Awesome, thank you! I’m just getting into making loop-based music and Ableton Live seems a little overwhelming. Garageband seems to have all the features I’ll need as a newbie. Maybe I’ll upgrade at some point as I get more fluent, but for now this is pretty amazing.

GadgetInspektor says:

The FX (Filter and Repeater on Standard) seem to be always effective on all tracks/instruments. Is it possible to put them on one instrument only? Could not find any info about this.

Jake says:

Does anyone know any plugins/software that are similar to live loops?

clint4Now says:

Or is there a way to copy and paste the wav forms?

Comedy_ Therapy says:

is only for apple

James Joseph says:

Great Vid Thanx!

TheBoltMaster says:

i just made a sick dubstep,RnB and chill track! BROOO!

james fournier says:

tell us how to get the first one for a RCA tablet because its not working for me

Nishant says:

Nice work man – very helpful tutorial!

GadgetInspektor says:

Fantastic Video Man. Enjoyed watching. Thanks for the effort.

ItzTarik says:

Hey can anyone help me with this : I recorded a track but I made a mistake by pressing the wrong loop so now i habe the wrong recording and want to make a new one but i dont know how to delete the recording?? Pls help

ellison ramo says:

that really cool idea man

vikram ranu says:

I now believe in garage band.

Momo pets says:

Nice video, good job.

Nick Soccer says:

the only problem is that all these loops are being used by a lot of people so there’s an issue that many people might create same types of beats

kendall awai says:

very useful info

monika sharma says:

5:48 my name is jeff

David Ayala says:

Your a genius and a great teacher.  I just figured out how to make the end of my podcast and you help me solve this elaborate puzzle.

idi ben says:

Hi Guys! Can we record increasing/decreasing volume of loops at recording time?

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