GarageBand for iPad Tutorial

Garageband is one of our favorite apps for iPad. In this tutorial we show you many of the things you can accomplish in Garageband. It’s amazing for kids and adults alike whether you just want to play with music or compose an actual song!
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connorandersonmusic says:

is there a way to add harmony to vocals?

Androo Gnoix says:

Fun fact: the lower keys in sampler are slower than the higher ones.

Kimberly Baxter Packwood says:

Question why are your keys and strings different than mine? Brand new GarageBand user here! My piano keys are Em Am Dm G C F Bsharp and Bdim

Stephanie McCreary says:

Can you tell me which screen recording tool you used to create this tutorial?

ColterTheFresh says:

Drums are the easiest to learn and take the least time to learn.

echo star says:

I used to think wow all these new artists really know their stuff but how does it all sound somehow similar?
Fam they bought this

Paula Parker says:

He recorded this at a late time!

ObsidianWolf says:

I cringed at 8:05. Dice is plural, one of them is a die. It really upsets me that people don’t know this especially grown adults. I know that it doesn’t make a difference but my god it REALLY annoys me.

p.s.s. santosh says:

I updated GarageBand and now the double tapping doesn’t work!!!!!please help!!!!!how to split!!!

Jedd says:

David a cox.. why does that sound so weird..?

Igor Stepanov says:

It’s obvious that you’re not a musician, if you hate the metronome

Michael Crane says:

Great job! Thanks for posting!!

Erin Moran says:

David what version Garageband for iPad is this? if I get a brand new IpadPro today-Dec ’16- will I get exactly what Im looking at on your tutorial?

ANigerianPrince says:

GREAT! Now I have to listen to Owl City again.

Hawaii Loves Art says:

so in smart guitar it shows 8 chords. how to get other chords and or change key sig?

trisram says:

your name is D. Cox?

Potato Tato says:

TLDW is there a way to change dynamics and add crescendos (fade in/out)

JoePM 2804 says:

Guys don’t quit lessons because it pays off so much because I didn’t like my guitar lessons but I’m soooooo glad i carried on because I love the guitar know and (not to brag) I’m pretty good at it so if your passionate about an instrument don’t quit.

SURREAL Studios says:

tf is this

Craig Knifesedge Lockley says:

Thank you so much. Very helpful!

sherlockinsomniac says:

Each of the smart instruments only has 4 autoplay options. Is there a way to get more?

Oleg says:

Can I use it as sound module for MIDI-keyboard? If so, I’d like to know the sound list. And can I use this app as a sequencer for my synthesizer, to be able to record in GarageBand’s sequencer sounds of my synthesizer?

Demon_GirlVoice says:

Thanks so much for this! It really helped because I never really knew how to play any instruments but I’ve always wanted to make songs with music. Now I can start improving on that! <3

Sean Murphy says:

That was aboustely fanstica ,,10/10 , speachless a just got a the guy couldn’t have explain it any better ,, to be honest my knowledge of techno , isn’t good what so ever , he was brilliant in the way he went about it , fablous , it was like listening to one of my mates ,,,, he should have a job for life for people like myself ,,,,,,, but we warned wacth out world ,,,,, there’s gonnie be some sounds hitting your way !!!! Well done who ever invented this like

ColossusPursuit says:

I don’t have garage band on my iPad Air why is this? Do I need to buy it?

Olhamo says:

wonderful intro thanks

Tracy Niu Real Estate Team says:


Chetan Kothari says:

Great job

Thebutler3000 says:

I’m watching this on my iPad right now so it’s kinda like inception.

TDG says:

David a cocks

Gregory Nandlall says:

i love this app

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