GarageBand For Old Farts (recording guitar)

This is a video showing how awesomely easy it is to play and record guitar using your computer. I’m using GarageBand 10.1.0, an Ibanez RG652AHM and a Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface.


According To Honda says:

20 years on pc

Iv T says:

Great video, thanks.

No Name says:

one old fart to another…good job brother

uru gastri says:

you record quitar wiht microphone or direct in the program?

I am Solo says:

I’ll buy your shirt.

Roy Domela says:

You make it look to easy:)

tstony26 says:

From one ole fart to another… good video.. i’m new to this ‘digital recording’ and trying to learn as much as I can. So much different than recording on my ole ‘reel-to-reel’… i’m dating myself!

David Bishop a.k.a. 1EYE WOODY says:

No bad. Im resemble that remark. LOL

dieter schanzer says:

great playing dude

Stefan Scali says:

Only 400 likes for 60k+ views is a crime my dude. Thanks for the vid..

Jeffrey Cella says:

No merit, no boobies; You deserve the boobies! Great, educational video. TY!

ezra ong says:

old fart

Legal Man says:

Your camera was rocking to tanks for sharing

ItzComicArmy says:

You can also use your guitar as a bass by only playing the thicker 4 strings and changing the region’s pitch down to -12

breker19er says:

Great post and sick chops!

Ed Saucin says:

I didnt know apple made a midi keyboard

B.j. Surfdog says:

Good video. I think this is aimed at intermediate computer users as beginners have no clue as to what an audio interface is -let alone what it does. Talking about “Thunderbolt”, thats even more advanced. I’ve been doing and teaching Digital Recording for a number of years and this is a helpful video for those who have the accessories and want to go deeper with Garage Band.

Allen Ronaldson says:

You have to in Chicago or maybe somewhere in Wisconsin. The UA interface is the tits, I just wish I could afford it. What condenser mic do you use?
Nice tutorial!

Major Mazzaroth says:

apollo twin runs over 900 bucks any cheaper alts.

Leanne Bandte says:

Haha I saw the title and subscribed before even watching! 😀

Roggiedodgie says:

Laughing at the intro

theinvadersband says:

Enjoyed it, but I want to see how you do a whole song.  How do you loop the drums, bass, guitar rhythm for the whole song?  Thx – an Old Fart !!

joe petz says:

Thank you bro!!! This really helps this old fart!!! Lol

chebrneck says:

This was helpful but you never touched the UA console

Chris Bliss says:

Excellent Mark thankyou for taking time to show us old farts.

The Preacher says:

How do ya record a cd backin’ track on that GarageBand? Do ya have to select 2 tracks (L&R) to record it on.. like on the the old multitrack recorders?

Batphink Reynolds says:

You don’t suck us ‘oldies’ need someone we can relate to.Drums are my first instrument,followed by keys and guitar and some vocal.I keep getting my guitar recording and playing back in Mono,and I’ve tried everything in the current GB version any ideas mate? I uses Steinberg UR-22 interface it’s a very good one.cheers!

Thom Barden says:

great intro!

Geoff Roberts says:

Thank you Mark, I can’t believe how easy it is to use Garage Band now! I’m going to grab all my other old fart mates and enlighten them bringing them out of the dark ages and make some music. I’m very grateful to you sir, thanks Mate !

The Atomic Punk says:

Really cool man, very good demo and instructions

louisp says:

Nice video man! Whats your midi keyboard in the begininning of the video?

Roggiedodgie says:

Holy Shnikees…I liked this so much I actually DID say booger six times.  Not a whole lot happened (was expecting to be struck with a load of energy) but that says how much I enjoyed it

John Phillips says:

How do i stop latency? Drove me bonkers. i went back to my Korg pandora pX3

Hal Merrill says:

I’m completely lost after he closed the piano track. Have no idea where the drop down menu is coming from. I got the program to open so far.

J o n a t h a n says:

you very good at using a computer.

Michael Gfroerer says:

….the t-shirt is worse than anything a teenager would wear, not professional! skip …

J Grace says:

May you live to be an “old fart” too. The video is great and I learned a long time ago that it’s not what people call you, it’s what you respond to that makes or breaks your day. “Back in MY day … we knew what we were doing before we got to the studio. We played with the best, toured the world, had a ball, and continued living. Years passed and technology came along. Those that knew it was there to stay hopped on board and learned … taught .. kept living … you know what happens when you keep living? YOU become an old fart. It doesn’t matter what you know or what you don’t know. Mother Time doesn’t keep track .. she just keeps LAUGHING … So, thank you. You made my day and taught a … still spry dog … a few things. THANKS< DUDE!!!

campocat says:

What about solo guitar? No robots?

Smurfidy says:

i have a problem where i hit a note on my guitar and it registers through garageband like a half a second later… any help?

Frater Aeternus says:

The creepy shirt man

Clay Shippy says:

“Warning Wil Robbinson” well, NOW you have my attention!

xx_pCCR_xx says:

Man, this video is just awesome as that t-shirt.
Thanks for sharing!

Preston Fam says:

Thank you for the video!!

Shane Clark says:

Wow! That interface is expensive. Get what you pay for though, sounds great!

Mr. mips says:

As always great gear and better playing. Considering the UAD Apollo MKii, will I be disappointed with the Solo or should I get the Duo that is twice the processing power? My 1st interface. Hoping it will improve my Spotify sound quality along with guitar recording. Thanks for the Garageband tutorial.

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