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Find out everything you need to get to grips with Live Loops in GarageBand iOS. I barely scratch the surface of Live Loops in this video – if you want to see another video on it, let me know in the comments!

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rwwood100 says:

As usual, a very pro tutorial. Just excellent

JT Van says:

What are the loops you use in your intro?

Yng boi 7 says:

So if I wanted I could just make my own song and post it just using these sounds and some of my own?

Ponk 80 says:

it is possible to use 3D touch on the keyboard sounds for an extra effect on most synth keyboard sounds, and some of the extra sounds for example guitar vibrato and piano sustain or organ speaker rotation speed

Velanche Stewart says:

So one question I have about Live Loops; I don’t suppose there’s an easy way to choose, say, a loop per track, but not on the same column, to copy, then paste into a new column? If I’m correct, the only option I see that involves choosing multiples in this way is to move, rather than copy.

Paul Mcilwaine says:

Thanks Patrick – very useful explanation

Velanche Stewart says:

This is probably one of the best YouTube videos I’ve seen so far on demoing and explaining the use of the newest features in GarageBand for iOS; it’s really hard to find such videos, and I have been seriously considering using GB for iOS as a sketch pad for creating ideas to carry into Logic Pro X. Thanks very much; I see that you have other videos on the iOS version, so I’ve just subscribed. Looking forward to more; again, thanks!

Mr. Cruz says:

I’m very happy for this app. That I really want to make my own music. Thanks….

Moshabi Tshale says:

Does the iPad mini 2 Garageband have the slide/glide effect? Usually useful when making your trap bass lines stick out and giving them that “flavour”? I’ve been searching but haven’t found help on that…. Your feedback would be appreciated….

Issie wizzie says:

an underrated app… quite powerfull

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