Garageband Mastering Tutorial-Custom Preset for you! – 2017

To hear the song:
This is my secret sauce recipe for mastering in Garageband, that I designed just for you guys. 5 Plugins and how to use them in an easy to understand video.


Jan Malmström says:

Maybe a stupid question but… where do I find these plugins?

NoFaceSpitta says:

This was a wonderful video! I learned a lot thank you very much.

Loel Stein says:

When I view my plugins I have all of them except Multi processor. How do I add that in?

Michael Sun says:

Hi Luin. Thank you so much for your clip on mastering. What I do not understand is why do you have to export the file an reimport it? Why not mastering the song in the original file directly? Is there a gain in quality or what is the reason? Would appreciate any comments on that. Thx. Michael Sun, Singer-/Songwriter from Zurich, Switzerland.

tyriq2324 says:

i got my songs at least 3x louder thanks man!

jux Tpose says:

I’ve heard that with Garageband and Logic, you can push the master into the red a bit with no distortion. Apparently, there is more headroom than indicated. Of course, I wouldn’t go far into the red at the loudest parts. Use your ears and listen on different playback systems to be sure there’s no clipping or distortion.

Zack Baksh says:

I don’t usually comment on videos to say they were helpful but this video is the most informative and useful video for mastering in Garageband that I have ever seen. Thank you.

Edward Dowrick says:

Hi, Thanks for your very informative video. Can you help with this question …When exporting audio from GarageBand to Pro Tools, Logic or any other program…

if all the tracks have been mixed volume wise, when you export each individual track, do you need to do anything with the volume setting, i.e. bring all the individual tracks to 3/4 volume, without clipping of course, or do you leave it as it’s mixed with the other tracks?

Josh Gates says:

Hey lewin thanks for all of the great videos! As far as mastering goes which plug in is essential for getting the volume up to professional level? My recordings always sound much more quiet than anything on itunes or CD. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks again for the videos!

COORSFAN420aight says:
Link to a song I used this preset on.

Aldo Hernández says:

Great video, thanks! One question, the .AIFF should be 16 or 24? And, does this make a difference?

Scott Bentley says:

Great help! Thank you!

Tractor Countdown says:

Thanks Lewin! I’ve been waiting for this update. You didn’t show us the controls for the direction mixer. Maybe it’s obvious when you get into to it.

Aldo ortiz says:

how do you save the mastered track?!

DJ Fyr3Shy says:

hi, I’m DJ Fyr3Shy, would I be able to send u a GarageBand project that I have finished and you take a look at it n do stuff to it and yeah plz reply to this comment plz

David Young says:

I’m a beginner to mastering, this has been incredibly helpful. Thanks so much for taking the time in making this.

kyle saloka says:

that bottom track, the one you said is “professionally mastered”. it looks so incredibly smashed. I have to ask, is that was “professional” mastering looks like these days? Idk. if just something about the whole loudness war and all of that. are we compressing the feel and soul out if our music? is volume really as important as we think it is?

Jesse Garza says:

Would you recommend these settings for a punk/hardcore kind of sound?

JORGE E. Zarruk says:

very nice and informative brudda. thanks. I recently acquired a Mac mini and GarageBand for the first time and I’m blown away at how advanced and user friendly it is. keep the vids coming please. Cheers!

The BrokeASS KDub says:

I commented on the wrong video lol. At this point do I “upload at full loudness”

G Castro says:

do you compress each individual instrument prior to exporting?

Hache says:

I made two song with garageband can you hear ?

William Ryde says:

I like the narrowing down trick! Thanks.

tonythefather says:

I have a question….may I use one plugin from out side of GarageBand ?

Juuso Hoo says:

THANKS fro explaining and showing things the way it suits and helps me 😀

Terrell Jackson says:

What is the name of the full song? That song is slick lit!

DiamondLove Music says:

Hi Lewin, I am a big fan. Your tutorial have made a big different in my work. I have tried your suggested plugins. Being curious, why not I tried those present in the master track before I exported my song to a AIF file. I do see a different in the music wave. It is a bit fuller, compared to mastering it after exporting it. In your professional opinion, why should we do the mastering presets after exporting, not before?

AntiMissileMissile says:

i swear you’re gonna be the reason i’m famous. back to square one wish me luck

AwP says:

how do you keep it from going into the red or yellow ?

Mika Olsson says:

Anyone using Garageband can flip between stereo and mono easily. If you put the Gain plugin (found under utility) into the master track, and choose the “Convert to Mono” option, you now have a mono/stereo switch right there in the software.

COORSFAN420aight says:

You Rock Lewin. Now if I could get you to respond about mixing and mastering a song of mine, the world would be right! 🙂

Alec Blaze says:

This helped alot thank you so much!

Michael Feeney says:

Did you do any mastering on the original mix before exporting?

CJ says:

Will this work if I import stems from other DAW like Ableton or Fruity Loops on to Garageband?

Serkan Yıldız says:

Thank you very much Lewin. I learned a lot from these tutorials. Please do an acoustic guitar track EQing and mastering tutorial. I am having trouble getting my acoustic guitar tracks to sound natural and ambient. Great channel, great videos, thanks.

Edward Dowrick says:

question regarding the no eq and no compression before export. clear on the no eq. on the master track when you open the edit tab and see the dials, the compression is one click to the right of the arrow. Do you mean turn this back to ”
‘0’ which would be in the center where the arrow is? it appears to be a factory setting. wish i could screen shot it, but you may get what I am asking..


Great, thanks man!

AwP says:

I love your videos please do a video on proper mixing !!!!

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