Garageband on iPad with iOS 10 – a tutorial

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(See also my live loops demo of Garageband:

Here’s an overview of the iPad Garageband (version 2.2.2) with its main features. Track by track, a song is recorded using instruments on Garageband, and external sounds using the in-built mic and also with a guitar interface.
This is a must-have app for anyone, musician or not!

Films I’ve made with Garageband:




0:00 – Rapper’s Delight – watch out for “Dad Rapping”! Leads into the main demo:

0:57 – Introduction
1:29 – Starting a new song
1:52 – “Drummer” – the human drum machine
4:04 – Adding a bass using the on-board sounds
5:48 – The ‘follow’ function in “Drummer” – genius…
6:38 – Adding guitar using the on-board sounds
8:28 – A brief look at the mixer
8:37 – Editing parts using the precision editor
9:29 – The string section in Garageband
11:35 – Keyboard sounds – there are so many choices, including the expensive “Alchemy” synth

13:00 – Using the precision editor to sort out wrong keyboard notes
13:54 – Quantising and track settings/effects
14:48 – Hammond – the importance of a dynamic controlled sound
15:58 – The SOLO function and adjustment of Hammond speaker rotation

16:53 – The mic and its contact with the human world..
17:23 – Recording backing vocals – why record THREE of the same?
19:40 – Panning tracks between left and right
20:48 – Selecting multiple tracks and copying/pasting
21:18 – The effects – a brief look
21:51 – Compressor – what is it for?
22:26 – Fine control of EQ
24:02 – Multi-take recording function, and connecting guitars.
28:18 – Selecting takes
29:05 – Basic audio editing functions
30:35 – Saving and exporting songs

Enjoy, and subscribe to my channel – there’s all sorts of other demos, music videos and repair tips for electronic musicians!


Molly Cutpurse says:

Wonderful. Thank you.

Craig Barry says:

the funk is too much 🙂

Bob S says:

Excellent. Very helpful!

Beenthere Donethat says:

The guitar part sounds like Pulp Fiction music.

BIG.BO520 says:

can i download this app on my ipad 4 version 10.3.3 ?

ApexMike says:

This might just be the video that makes me look into Garage Band, it has sat there on my iPad since I bought it.

john FromBombay says:

in the autoplay section, under each of the 4 variations you can have more sub variations based on whether you use 1, 2 or 3 fingers to play… that gives you a total of 12 autoplay variations and that a lot of options!! Superb!

chiparooo says:

Great tutorial. Learned some new stuff!

Phil Uniacke says:

Wow, I’ve been messing around with Garageband for years and I’ve learned lots in this vid, cheers matey. Awesomeness.

Ignacio Venditti says:

im sorry can you suger me something? do you think i could record some projects with an ipad 16gb? or is it too little (space). I dont know how much could weigh one project of garage band aprox but with the last update of ios and garage band i’ll have only 10 gb. Because i dont know if its better to go with an ipad air 32 gb or an ipad air 2 with 16 gb. Sorry can you help me with these?

Music Man says:

So how would this work, or maybe it can’t. If in using strings…as chords. I see the choice is limited. If my song is in A and I want to go to a A7 then to a A7sus…can I do that?. it seems like I can have only access to certain chords with that key. I understand that’s its garage band …but I love the sound. In thinking of creating a backing track with these
Sounds and exporting them to my studio one software. Or decoded straight from the iPad itself. There are always create ways to get what we want. If you know of anyway to do this, thank you in advance

Miramarensis says:

Great tutorial Dan. Many thanks!

ShockwaveZero says:

Incredible! Thank you for taking the time to make this!

MrMansGaming-Gaming and More says:

This is to compliacated for me


this video is genius. A great example of how to put a demo vid together. huge respect brother!

MoJazzy2008 says:

Super useful!

Miles Murdunge says:

Thank you Brother This was amazing just what I need Awesome job there !!!!!

Redbeard says:

Question: couldn’t you just record one vocal track and then copy and paste it into multiple tracks for the same effect?  Or does it not work that way?

Luis Vera says:

Brilliant commentary. As entertaining to watch as educational. Best tutorial on YouTube by far.

Music Man says:

At 29:00 what is plugged into what?

Biff Gore says:

That was excellent!!!

tronlady1 says:

Ridiculously good tutorial dan. I’m a huge fan of GarageBand and it just seems to get better. Trouble is, how can I sell my services providing home studio recording when there apps and tutorials as good as this?!!!!

Music Man says:

The over head camera does not show all that needs to be seen

Amertuollig says:

Many thanks for this very usefull demonstration !

Robert Bell says:

Thanks so much Dan, I’ve just followed your instructions and now I’ve recorded the basis of a song. This morning I knew nothing about Garageband at all. I’m checking to see if you’ve recorded anything else. You’re clear, concise and knowledgeable- and clearly love Garageband! Rob

Music Man says:

Thanks Dan for the quick reply, box on order…there is a lot here I had no idea I was this intense. Just a dose of practice getting through a learning curve and fun begins. Can you knock out a vid on what each bottom does? Thanks again cheers!

Molly Cutpurse says:

Hi again, Dan. A question please? I have a pop song which lasts for three minutes. It seems to me that everything has to be planned in advance. So in which order do I set the parts down? The singing part first or last? That’s all that’s confusing me about this wonderful App. Thanks. Happy New Year!

Manuel García Barbero says:

Dan, this is a great video. Thanks a lot.

innerrevolution1 says:

Well-done. Excellent explanation. Saved a lot of time – thx!!

Music Man says:

Could you explain the four point cable just showed us. You went through that quite fast. What is it and what is the configuration? Please

Robert Santo says:

When he changes the tempo, you cant see what he is tapping and just says “Im going to do it”

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