GarageBand Tutorial 2015 – How to Record a Podcast with GarageBand

Part 2:
In this tutorial I show you how to record, edit, and export a podcast using Apple’s GarageBand. Part II (which is coming soon) will be how to take your exported podcast and attach album art and edit your ID3 tags.



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The Mighty FP says:

Thanks so much starting new podcast today you really helped me hope it works out for me.

Emily B. Harris says:

I just watched your tutorial! It was great! Can you also add pictures to your podcast in this platform?

Sonya Paz says:

Fabulous tutorial!!! This is great, thanks!

Diane Bailey says:

Do you have a tutorial about how to record a guest from skype into garageband?

eliadedorne says:

Hi, how can I record if I do not have a mic

John Conway says:

Thanks! Very helpful. Will be sure to share.

Dave Joseph says:

thanks mad helpful

vilicles says:

Great tutorial. Thanks!

Fawn Gill says:

Eric, that was really, really good. Thank you so much for posting that. Totally made sense to me! Moving onto #2 now:)

maguswest says:

excellent tutorial. Broke my brain trying to learn from other folks who posted their own complicated manuals, but yours is clear, simple and easy to grasp. Good educational talent. Even your “glitches” with downloading the audio at the end of the tutorial works to benefit learners because you repeat the procedure and we repeat with you. Great job. Thanks

Scotty Weeks says:

Thanks Eric! I have been kicking around Podcasting for awhile now, but kept telling myself I needed special software and equipment. You just took all my reason away. THANKS!

Sherida Shenanigans says:

This was so helpful! Thanks for making this video!

The Shiatsu Guy says:

Hi Eric, thanks for this tutorial. It was helpful to watch your workflow and pick up some new tips 🙂 I was wondering if you know about how to process voice recordings to take out peaks and troughs in volume? I seem to have a natural variance to my voice when I record myself… Would it be the compression plugin or something else?
Cheers 🙂

Easy Fitness Insider says:

Great tutorial. Thank you.!!

I subscribed and look forward to watching the iMovie tutorial in that I am new to all Mac programs.

Metal Tiger says:

Super helpful but I’m on GB ’11 and the interface is different – got the editing bit down but having trouble finding how I fade out the intro and fade in the out-ro! Also is the a way to automatically adjust the volume of the vocal podcast audio to the music intro / out-ro?

Laundry Series says:

thank you!!!!!!!

Sulogno De says:

great tutorial! one question…what if i want to add more audio clips in between my recording? would i be inserting the audio clips in the intro bar with spacings?

Cathy Dixon says:


Kandyle Brown says:

I can’t find the part 2 to his video

ZAKU says:

Great video man. very helpful

magprob says:

Great tutorial. Thank you very much.


Excellent. I am new to the OS system and I learned a lot from your tutorial. Keep it up. I have subscribed to your channel.

carina tomicich says:

Hi! Thank you for helping me!!!! It was so helpful!!!

Sharon O'Hare says:

Fantastic Eric! I can’t wait to start on this, will watch Part 2 first though. Thanks so much!

Zarir Merwanji says:

Eric, thanks so much for the effort sir, you are an exceptional trainer, this was very useful for my first podcast, cant wait to see part 2, great work my friend.

Carl Ravenell says:

Do you have any tips on connecting multiple microphones and connecting headphones to hear how we sound?

GlamGirlCmarie says:

Very Helpful, Thank you.

Erica Dinero TV says:

This really help me so much! Thank you so so much!!!

Mike Jones says:

Help!! How do I ad cover art to my podcast with GarageBand? Thank you in advance



Long Voicemails says:

very well done. thank you,

Vicky Cooke says:

Eric, I am so glad I found your channel. Thank you for making this tutorial, I am helped and I needed lots of it. Well done, I will be back…

Jessbased says:

Thank you! Starting a podcast next week and you’ve been a ton of help.

Sulogno De says:

This was by far the best tutorial on podcasting using garageband!

Natalie Lein says:

THANK YOU THANK YOU! Trying to find the Show/Hide Automation button and how to do all that was driving me nuts. You are awesome. Thanks for getting us all on the right “track”! 🙂

Claire Tanner says:

Thank you for this!

All For Animals says:

Great Garage Band tutorial! Answered a lot of my questions about adding tracks and music, saving as an .mp3 file, etc. Thank you, Eric!

Jill Griffin says:

very good! i will watch it again to get it all in my brain!!!

Dr Karen Hoving says:

When I start speaking it records over what I have said-there is an orange line and no matter how far I stretch it out it voice keeps folding over. I’m going nuts(a short trip for a shrink trying to create mp3 for meditation/hypnosis). I even went back to the older version 6 (waiting for my macbook pro to explode) bc I have made other mp3s on that and had no problem…I used podcast and dragged music over it. BUT this one (using voice) won’t let me record for very long…ObiWan of GarageBand HELP ME

Robert Piper says:

Great tutorial on GarageBand. Well done, and you saved me from flailing about!


great help!!! thx!!

heather sestili says:

Finally learned how to start a podcast, thanks Eric!!

Black Film Guild says:

Can you record on 2 channels? For example, 2 people talking at the same time?

Jo Silva says:

where is the link to the mic you are using

Seth Williams says:

Wow – this was *unbelievably* helpful. I would have been lost without you. Thanks so much!

Christie Wilson says:

Thanks Eric! Great video and easy to follow!

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