GarageBand Tutorial 2016, quick and easy “how to make a basic song”


Danika Li says:

what keys did you press to like duplicate/repeat the track over again, at 58 seconds into the video

Paul-Sebastian Manole says:

At first I was like … basic stuff. *sigh* thankfully I listened all the way through and the moment you got the piano in there, I was hooked! Great work! 🙂

Mauro angst says:

i dont have that “Piano Roll” bar at the bottom… where can I activate it?


does nexus and other vst work in this

Phillip Georgiadis says:

Love your work

Real Multimedia says:

Great work

John Moore says:

Good introduction. Seeing the keyboard as well as the computer screen really helps. Nice job.

MrRaydioray says:

Hey Real, I got a question maybe you can help? I have the same garageband like yours. and Im trying to figure out why I can’t hear my guitar. Now, I can see that the guitar is being picked up on the track. . But I am not able to hear while I am playing. I can only hear it after i am finished recording. what could it be?

Diego Sherlinee says:

What type of keyboard did you use and where’d you get it?

Happy Lucky says:

I tried to use the bass and amp but no sound is coming out?

Nacho B says:

What are the hardware requirements to run GarageBand,? I’m thinking to get a MacBook Pro with 4 GB of RAM but I don’t know if that is enough

Young Brooklyn says:

how do you record over a beat that you already have

Christian Andreasen says:

how do you split up the tracks?

Nooch 86 says:

Sounds great for something you just made off the top of your head. Good work!


This made it easier for me to understand how to use garageband!

Adilson DeLima says:

Hi, Great demo! Please ,hope u can help me with this.How came I started recording a track with a real guitar, and let say I stopped , then if I want to continue using the same track, after I stopped, it won’t let me record? I used to use sonar, and it was really easy ! Thanks

Lord Toaster Oven says:

Holy shit, that’s a jam.

NYK Studio says:

You are awesome!

Ben Woodward says:

what cable did you use to connect your keyboard?

Faisal Bin Fares says:

good job, keep it up.

NeonNata says:

How do you make those piano chords on the spot that match with the drums and the strings? When I make songs it is very frustrating for me because I do the singing and lyrics first but when I try to put in the piano chords I don’t really understand how it works to make them sound good together…do you have any advice?

Michelle Quon says:

love it

Rhyce Speller says:

Can you do more so good

Jp willerd says:

how are you able to do screen recording with audio and have the ability to hear yourself at the same time. i have a mac and cant figure it out

pullupskrrr says:

are you using an m audio?

Egg Rollsama says:

old software, Needs an Update for the new Garageband.

Michelle Quon says:

nice work

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