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In this GarageBand tutorial for beginners, find out how to use GarageBand’s built in Automation feature to add dynamics to your projects!

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GarageBand beginner? This is for you:


mtlindesay webmaster says:

Another great lesson thanks Patrick.

Ricardo Fonseca says:

Well done Patrick , thanks !

william olson says:

Helpful, thank you.

Trap Aspect says:

I just found your videos and I really could have used them when I had just started with garageband. One way you could get exposure to this audience is by posting songs made on garageband to youtube because of a lot of newcomers watch them. Great video btw

Seemit Ragde says:

I’m a beginner..I can’t find how to connect a guitar to Macbook air

Brendon urie tastes like Magic says:

I really enjoyed this video! I did like it better when you verbally walked us through it rather than silently showing us the controls. You lost me when we got to that part.

westcoast870 says:

I never understood the difference btw. Gain and Volume. I read that gain is signal strength and volume is loudness but I’m not sure if that’s right.

Latsabben says:

Great video

ParkerPeete says:

All I Know about Garageband I learned from Patrick. I tried a get started video and just got hooked. I play a bit of guitar and thats about it.

tomd86tn says:

Open question for all: what is the best method for mixing a track that already has volume automation on it?
I have noticed that once I put any volume automation on a track, the volume fader for that track becomes unusable. Once you put any volume automation on a track, the volume fader follows the automation curve no matter how you try to adjust it. I asked the guy who runs another GarageBand YouTube site if I could put a trim or gain plugin as my first plugin on a track that had volume automation, and then use that plugin to adjust any mixing volume for the track, and he was adamant that the only way to mix the volume of the track was to select “all” the automation points, and then move them up or down. This seems like a tremendous amount of trouble when a gain plugin will allow you to adjust the volume much easier. I would love key to know how other people work around this limitation of GarageBand?

The Songwriting Studio says:

Good. Stuff.

Rob Dawson says:

Thanks Patrick.  Yet another great video, well paced and delivered.

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