GarageBand Tutorial for Beginners 2018

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In this video I share my top 5 tips to help you get started with GarageBand on Mac!

Get Set Up: 0:29
Track Types: 2:02
How To Use Loops: 3:17
Extra Content: 5:07
Musical Typing: 6:09

Everything you need to get started with Garageband here:

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Victoria Kruseman Aretz says:

can you please make a video about making a song with MIDI regions, Please?

Richard Winfield says:

If you want to compose and record Blues songs in Garageband how can you get “shuffle” type drumming in the Drummer section rather than Rock or Hip Hop styles ? Thanks.

Renegade Smith says:

How do I get the older version of garageband back?!!!? I hate the new version. The idiot’s have removed a lot of tools and drum sounds that I used to use!!

Barry McCormick says:

The biggest roadblock for me has been the drummer track. I’ve spent hours trying to find a simple, basic, 4 to the bar, high hat, snare, and bass pattern (think early beatles) that isn’t full of fancy fills and changes. It’s a drag.

Kenneth Dickson says:

Could you do something on midi workstations? How to use and benefits of etc??

Ross McMillan says:

Awesome, thanks Patrick. : )

KM KM says:


KM KM says:

HELP!!!! Can someone tell me if there’s a way to add additional measures before the song? I’ve done a lot of work and want to make beginning longer and don;t want to have to move EVERYTHING!

dubbattie says:

I got this message “Error initializing CoreMIDI” recently when starting Garageband, and unable to use my Korg nanoKONTROL Studio to move the fader or panning, any solution?

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