Garageband Tutorial For Beginners – 5 Things You Need To Know

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A Garageband Tutorial for beginners. In it, I take you through 5 things that every aspiring Garageband Ninja NEEDS to know!

Looking for a beginner tutorial for the latest (2016) version of Garageband?:

0:29 – How To Set Up Your Garageband Project
2:05 – Finding And Changing The Key Of Apple Loops
4:19 – Recording Takes With The Cycle Region
6:11 – Groove Matching
7:05 – Exporting Your Projects

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THE MERK says:

Is this program free?

ZapOZap says:

Thanks for making my song better! 😀

Jordan Production says:

what garageband is that

ElectricGaming says:

Its way easier to use on mobile

Hanan Aljaber says:


Darude Tube says:

Check my sounds out on my channel using GarageBand

Marissa Hernandez says:

“death falcon from hell stole my woman away” god damn lmao

GorrilaCorn says:

Can you do a tutorial for iPad

Rebecca 1234 says:

hey i cant get rid off garage band off of my page can u help me

yojoe O says:

When you said audio

Francisco Ayala says:

Hey man that´s the version 6 right ? could you please tell me where can i find it … i´ve been looking that version for so long and i can´t find it or if you could upload it i would really appreciate it that 🙂

Skankhunt42 says:

I have got mine on my iPhone 7. It looks different.

Orion Durdaller says:

I have a question how can I export a song to youtube? Every time I try to share it to youtube it says my login or password is incorrect but I know I’ve used the right ones, and I’ve redone it.

Cerason says:

someone please tell me how to download this app on computer i cant seem to find it

Karl Hans says:

what’s a good sound effects for games software (for Windows 7)

yunusgamer2005 COMPUTER says:

get started with groove music maker

Zachary Salazar says:

Pat what are the songs in thia video? I like them.

Nima Thapa says:

How to edit my audio file

CreUniTV says:

garbage band

GP McD says:

This is probably going to get some of users with more experience mad at me, but the title of the video says “For Beginers”. As a beginner who has never used Garage Band before, I still have no idea what you are talking about. You are using terms which I’ve never heard of and I’m just as lost now as I was before watching your video. Is there any way you can make it a little easier for true beginners to follow along?

Dryfield3 says:

Nice to hear a wee Scottish, Max here living in SF, from Scotland, thanks.

TheActualCanadian says:

Garage Band is HIGHLY underrated. I recorded an entire album by myself when I was 14. Dont get me wrong, its no masterpiece and needs some SERIOUS mastering, but its a great program.

Adrian Domingo says:

Brilliant title

tony hagan says:

What is garageband and how can i use it with my keyboards

PEWDY 1 says:

Hey guys. Come and watch my channel. I’ve done some songs on garageband. Please! I am really small and need some views and subs.

Sam Picton says:

I’m Sam, a 14 year old Garageband producer; please listen to the two pop/dance songs I’ve created that are on my channel and leave a comment if you can, Thanks x

Dal Hind says:

death falcon from hell stole my woman away

The real CJB says:

You suck bitch go suck a dick

Elena Santana says:

Loved it!

Chris Wester says:

for the cycle region you can just press “C”

Kiljoy says:

How do you change the length (bars) in osx project? But first, search for the answer online… what am I doing wrong? What are the key words? I thought this would be a fairly easy thing to find out. It’s extremely easy to change project length on ios GB

THE MERK says:

Is this program free?

Shane O'Neil says:

I love the accent !

Zachary Salazar says:

Pat what are the songs in thia video? I like them.

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