Garageband Tutorial For Beginners – Automation Crash Course

A Crash Course In Automation For Garageband Beginners…

All music ©Wiredrawn 2013:

0:34 – Create an Intro
4:24 – Automate Panning
5:49 – Create a Crescendo + Decrescendo
7:53 – Create an Outro
8:41 – Subscribe
8:59 – The BEST bit…

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Music by Wiredrawn:

Garageband is owned by Apple. Displayed for demonstration and entertainment purposes only. If you work for Apple and are angry that i’ve got your program on YouTube, please email me BEFORE you sue. Thanks!


James Stewart says:

how do you change the instrument on the track? please reply, thanks

Shayna the Singer says:

Love the definition of a “decrescendo” haha! Also love love love The Garageband Guide videos!

CJ Burkey says:


TheGaragebandGuide says:

If you’ve recorded a software instrument track, you can change the instrument by opening the track info pane ( CMD + i) and selecting different sounds from the info tab.

CurlyBoy * says:

is there anyway it could work on ipad

Safraz Ali says:

i have now started producing music now to me producing my own music and remixing someone else’s there’s a difference and that’s getting the song to match the metronome I’ve seen videos about it on GarageBand but don’t really explains much I’ve tried a few methods which haven’t worked either it’s to slow or not in tuned can someone help me please

Michael R. Martinez says:

Great information! Thank you! Maybe, I’ve finally found a program with which I can have success. I’m about ready to chuck my MP Mobile Pre for Garage Band as GB is much more clearly set out and logical for this non-technical guy.

katharina4384 says:

ahh you’re Scottish! 

Phil Paradise says:

Hello, where can I find out how the Matrix reverb works in GB10?

Damian Ketchersid says:

i have a problem i think DOES THIS WORK WITH GARAGEBAND 10.0.1 I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIND THE PLUG INS AND AUTOMATIONS ON THERE I DOWNLOADED THE VINYL PLUGIN AND REOPENED GARAGEBAND CANT FIND IT I OPENED GARAGEBAND 5.1 2009 and it had me register the plug in and everything and i can use it on there no problem please tell me they did not take this feature away with the new garageband ??????

TheGaragebandGuide says:

No worries. I noticed you subbed too… You ROCK!!! 😉

MrMike2smoov says:

can you make a video for sampling?

TheGaragebandGuide says:


ssppeellll says:

HELP! I used automation to tweak the volume of different regions on a couple of tracks. Now I need to move those regions, but somehow, since setting the automation, I can’t select the regions to move them.
I’m too old to go crying to my mommy for help, or to throw a tantrum … Well, you’re never too old to throw a tantrum, but it doesn’t help. So what DO I do?

88watching says:

Thanks Patrick. Great informative video. Wish there were more like it. I’m new to Garageband. I’ve bought some cool loops and just learning to play with them. Everything you’ve posted has helped. Cheers!

TheGaragebandGuide says:

Thanks for the kind words man!

scofieldyang says:

your smile’s so fun~~

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