GarageBand Tutorial For Beginners iPad and iPhone

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In this video I share my top tips to help you get started with GarageBand on iOS!

0:21 – The Sound Browser
1:09 – Touch Instruments
4:07 – Record Touch Instruments
5:19 – Using Apple Loops

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Michael Armitage says:

Great introduction, Pete! I have a new Ipad, and am getting to grips with all these new bells and whistles, and your presentation has helped enormously!

Happy New Year!

David Yisrael says:

Um, yeah, no, not a great video and impossible to follow. Tried too long to follow along, time to find a better video.

derick barikder says:

May I have the email where I can contact you sir? Also I’m looking for audio interfaces to connect to my iPad. Can you tell me if the behringer um2 is a good option? Thanks

Mitchell Mckemzie says:

Is this lastest GarageBand update

Ethan Ryan says:

Hi ali

Griffin Hunt says:

Can you hook up the iPad to an electric piano with a. Chord to record songs directly into garage band?

René Thomas says:

Thank You!!!!!

GameCro says:

What part of Scotland

mangreat71 says:

Do you have to pay for the software on the iPhone or iPad how do it work ? Cause garage band is on iPhone can you just use a irig mic or some kind of mic to the iPhone and start recording ?

Kevin Allen says:

Awesome face at 0:02… I thought I was the only one who makes this face. I’m impressed. Watching the video now to get my garage band skills up lol


Can you make it so I can play on my phone cuz I have a Samsung Galaxy J1 6

BlackburnBigdragon says:

And of course, search up and read that manual. There’s so much in there that it’s a must to read to make heads or tails of 80% of the stuff. The only thing that really screws me up is the use of symbols for every menu and a lot of the editing techniques are.. clunky. But for a functioning recording studio on my phone that’s pretty much freeware, I’m not going to complain too much. But really, read that manual. It looks daunting to read, and the way it’s formatted online is kind of awkward with it’s links all over the place, but it actually doesn’t take that long and it’s a must read with this powerful music maker.

Cullen Hart says:

Thank you sir.

Minecorp’s X says:

How do we export as .MP3 files?

Miss M says:

Thanks for the information. I’m recording an audio book using my ipad and Garageband. At the end of the segment/region, it will automatically start at the beginning. I do want to start over each time and the Loop setting is turned off. How can I stop this from happening?

Darren Novakowski. The says:

What kind of interphase do I need for my iPad so I can plug my guitar into it

JoMat 117 says:

Why does the song parts go in loops? I must switch manually between them. It is super annoying. If I switch to late, a small part of song part A begin before B starts. Help please?

circuswannabe says:

You need to update your tablet or phone if it doesn’t appear in searsh

B La’naè says:

How come when I press the guitar nothing pops up

Super Hyper Happy Dude says:

Great video mate, I jus got my new 2018 ipad specifically for garage band. I will definitely subscribe and learn along the way. Cheers!


How can I install the app

Coady Entertainment says:

I can’t seem to get the strings to mute and I’m swiping on the cord strips on the edges and on the sides as you suggest and it isn’t working. I’m using a newer iPad.

pastorgg1 says:

Can you change the key of the loop? If not how do you find loops in the key you are working in?

TheKzGamer123 says:


Aspirative Music Production says:

I was curious what GB is like. You could talk more about the guitar panel capabilities. For ehamle is there programmed strumming patterns and examples.Thanks.

HarleeNoble says:

This was very helpful and everything was taught at a very good pace. You explained things at the perfect speed for me to be able to absorb it all haha. I’m excited to give this a try… thank you!

TheIoana360 says:

Not at all clear. You should show us what you tap, not only the effect. Not at all helpful

Frosty potato says:

I want to cover a marshmallow or avicii song

Dradical Hh says:

What about the song writer part?

Robert Carr says:

Patrick: Loads of great info and easy to follow thanks. Forgive my ignorance and I may have missed something.
Having brought up the drum kits in the keyboard section I notice that there don’t seem to be any snares. Help me please. Robert

Shey Mansfield says:

Awesome job, Thankyou

ExSIN trik says:

Thanks you very muchs

Sheila Payne says:

How to delete a track in GarageBand

SaltyAcid21 says:

When i add a loop and then i save it then when i open again the file that has a loop it says some features is not supported why is that? Help pls nc vid btw

Spider Boy says:

Garageband is such a great app for a free app. Wouldn’t ask for more.

angel rose says:

i’ve got some song lyrics, the only problem is i have no freaking idea to actually make like the sounds with garageband, but now, we’ll just have to see how well i work on garageband now. i hope i can do well…

Charisma O says:

What if you don’t play any instruments? Then what?

Oscar Atlas says:

It’s a good tutorial but I’m searching for something like adding a melody or remixing plain vocals

LaVirtue says:

Why can’t I pull out the instrument to actually play it


How can you make it for the song can come out as good as it do in headphones, you know what I mean?really need help with this, please, please, PLEASE!!!

Jeffrey Pereira says:

How do u add other chords for eg I wanna add F minor

Simon Stuart says:

Great video, very helpful, and can’t wait to view more!

William Ryde says:

Hey Patrick my MacBook Air is dying a hard death, so I may have to purchase a iPad. How do you feel regarding Garageband Vs iOS GB?

Darren 123422 says:

Cheers m8

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