GarageBand Tutorial for Beginners – Record Audio Vocals, Edit, and Export to MP3

In this Apple GarageBand tutorial for the Mac, I take you through the steps of showing you how to setup GarageBand, record your audio vocals, edit the audio/voice/vocal files, and then export to an MP3 file format.

The second part of the tutorial I show you how to record an audio podcast using GarageBand. Adding intro music, recording your voice, and then adding outro music.

Outro Music by: HIKOSAEMON
License: Creative Commons

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Action Camera:



Computer: Mac Mini (i5):

Editing Software: iMovie (Free with new Mac) & Final Cut Pro (Mac Only)

Screen Capture: QuickTime Player (Free with new Mac)

Photo Editor: Pixelmator (Mac Only)

Windows PC Editing Software:

Windows PC Screen Capture: OBS Project (Free Mac/PC/Linux)

Windows PC Photo Editing Software:

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Kathie Williams says:

This was perfect, thanks so much for a great tutorial!!!!

Rajni Patel says:

good lesson

pb The Vlogs says:

Hey Eric, that was great mate! Clear and concise. Cant ask for more than that. Cheers

Marcia Ham says:

Thank you for explaining the buttons/menu options to click to make things happen! Most tutorials miss that so you end up still not knowing how to edit your track.

Eric Casaccio says:

Excellent video. Thank you so much. How do we add loops or music that is part of Garageband into a project?

Nick says:

You’re the man! Thanks!

SuzY-B Music says:

Thank you for the tutorial it was great. I have a problem with trying to save my vocal only. I mute the backing track and turn the volume to zero, however it is still bleeding onto my vocal track very slightly in the background. I am a singer and trying to send an MP3 to someone, only to be told continuously that he can hear the music in the background. I am just a beginner with all of this and only know the basics. Can anyone help me please.

Anne Beffort says:

Great tutorial! I did record my first audio like shown in the video. But now I have a question regarding the size of the MP3. How do I reduce the audio file size?

Dale E. Manolakas says:

Very clear instructions. Mahalo nui loa. Dale E. Manolakas Legal Thriller Author

Brodie Nero says:

dude this was great thanks. You’re channel looks great, I encourage you to keep uploading and keep your content consistent because you’re going to really explode in terms of engagement soon! Thanks for the content and good look bro!

Grog627 says:

I would have liked to hear your finished file

Shahzada Yaqoot says:

Very well presented. Kudos.

Tobin Richardson says:

Awesome, I was getting very frustrated until I found this video. Thank you for the quick and thorough demonstration!

Giovanni Robertson says:

10s very nice

Barbara Faison says:

This was very helpful. You presented this so well, it helped me release my fear of editing my audios! Well done. Thanks so much.

Rennell8 says:

good video

S. D. says:

Definitely one of the best tutorials on YouTube. Clear voice, great timing and informative. Thank you!

Donna DeRosa says:

Very helpful and clear instructions. Thank you.

Michael Reese says:

It would have been nice for you to play the finished file!!! But still well presented.

Matt Gould says:

When I was watching this tutorial I noticed that when Eric was looking for the cough he just moved the track head over the spot and it could be heard. How do you do that? I tried it and…nothing. Thanks.

Trent Munday says:

Thanks Eric. Very useful for a rookie like me! Can you tell me a quick way to get the playhead back to the beginning? Right now, the only way I can work it out is hold & drag to the left – which of course is a bit slow if it’s a long recording.

Win Johnson says:

Very helpful video, Eric. However, I have a newer version of Garageband (’11, 6.0.5) and can’t tell how to “Show/Hide Automation.” At least, the version you use on the video has a different setup. Any ideas?

Kwei Quartey says:

That was EXCELLENT. Thank you for explaining it so clearly. I was wondering if after you edit the intro and outro just how you like it and you expect to use them the same way each podcast, can I save them within GarageBand and pull them into each new podcast? I’ve saved to my desktop, but it would be easier to have them in GarageBand to use them as needed–like in iMovie you can save to “Media.”

Ron Beecher says:

2 thumbs up.

BoiMikey says:

This really helped me out!! it was so detailed and clear im subscribing

Neek TV says:

How do you add in a instrumental that’s already made?

Reasons Rhymes says:

great deal bro. Your a big help…..

Matt Gould says:

I have to thank you for this wonderfully clear, step by step tutorial. I spent a lot of (frustrating) time looking for someone who would guide me through the basics of GB and was thrilled to find you! Am very happy you have at tutorial on iMovie as well. Looking to get comfortable with this software so I can begin to enjoy it. Thanks again.

Soniabygrace says:

Thank you so much…very very helpful!

AVR praveen says:

is garage supports for mac mini for 4Gb ram

Nick Gregan says:

Hey Eric, excellent tutorial. It’s the first time I’ve looked at GB and you make it seem nice n easy to use. Thanks Nick

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