Garageband Tutorial For Beginners – Set Up Your Project

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In this Garageband tutorial for beginners, we look at how to set up a new project using Garageband’s built in templates.

Find out more about Garageband’s Musical Typing here:

Find out more about creating ringtones in Garageband here:

Get your free Garageband Quick Start Guide here:

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Thiago Santos says:

Thank you!:D
Have a great day!:DDD

Marc Alexandru Tint says:

Click fail? =))) I know it says “file”, but your accent is hilarious! XD

fooman65 says:

I’ve got a brand new iMac, late 2015, Retina 5k 27 inch, 3.2 intel i5, 8gb memory, 250 flash storage and using latest version of garageband and latest OSX 10.11.3 and when I use garageband I get the spinning wheel on the screen and it freezes but sound carries on, Apple been investigating since Jan 2016 when I got it and can’t sort it. Have you had this problem? Cant find anything on internet anywhere. Could power the Apollo missions but can’t handle garageband, any ideas?????

Garageband Tutorials says:

Hey you took me off your featured list… Interesting

cfov says:

Cheers for this video. Just got a Mac and this helps oh so much!

alphacomando227 says:

This was super helpful! Thanks man! BTW, your accent is just fine. I hate it when people say your voice or anybody else’s voice is annoying.

jhon christian says:

How to download this apps for free

Colby Richardson says:

how come it only lets me drag the green loops in?

kmartlovesyou says:

Have you made a tutorial about cutting music in 10.1.2? I have used garageband for 6 years and cut music fine, but I just had to get a new computer with the newest update and cannot figure it out! Please help:)

Mahtava Tuhoaja says:

do you know what mahtavatuhoaja stands for?

Shingeki no kyojin Season 2 says:

This is only for ios?

Reuben Thompson says:

sorry wrong video +TheGaragebandGuide

Brianna Clark says:

Do you have to have apple to get the app

ItsMickeyTho says:

Mate, you’re a legend!!

George Nkansah says:

how do you download garageband for windows

V8LC100 says:

Which track do i use for an unaltered clean guitar track that I can use from the DI in my amp? I.e. I don’t want any effects at all. Thanks.

Trap King says:

very helpful, thanks a lot

Raul Castillo says:

all the vocal tracks they have suck ass

Nacho B says:

What are the hardware requirements to run GarageBand,? I’m thinking to get a MacBook Pro with 4 GB of RAM but I don’t know if that is enough

Txmilx ssi says:

Do all British people speak this slowly?

Dirty D's RC says:

What version is this one? My GB doesn’t look anything like that.

Quinton Shefield says:

Hey Great Video! Good explanation

Can I use the loops to make youtube music videos and monetise them since they are made by apple?? thanks!

EzrasSweetChannel says:

I’ve been wanting to make beats for a while, but I’m too much of a dumbass to learn on my own. So I really appreciate the quick start guide you made, its very helpful!

Dj TrEyZ bAnDz says:

Made a few beats please hear one and tell me what u think

Naomi Are says:

Are you able to connect instruments to it ? If so how would you do so.

Barry Jones says:

Would be nice if you could do the same tutorial for iPad users as it looks very different in a lot of screens.

Mahtava Tuhoaja says:

you suck.

The Audience! says:

These are very helpful!

loui0008 says:

Hi! I’ve only opened GB tday for the first time (version 4.1.2) and it doesn’t look anything like yours and hasn’t got any loops/audio files. Do I have to purchase those? Thanks

John the Pixelized Guy says:

Awesome accent! 😀 I’ve always loved unique accents. ^_^

Eru Iluvatar says:

how would you track out a project

Chris Sglimbea says:

what do u use to play the keys on the garage band ? do u use ur comp keys or do u have a actual key word? thnx

Ahmad Al Araimy says:

can we add tones from our own music file and put it there to sing?

Lonnie Sands says:

Not a tutorial…. just a rundown of very basic and obvious features..

Tyler Wasserman says:

I love the accent!

The Au Network says:

Im trying to record vocals, while hearing the beat at the same time, do i need an audio interface or is it a way around it.

Reuben Thompson says:

Do stole the show by kygo

Dirty D's RC says:

Ah 10.3

Ernest Highsmith says:

i made a track and the sound went out. how do i get sound back?

Jack Black says:

Great tutorial, much clearer and logical that other ones I have just watched, thanks a lot!

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