Garageband Tutorial For Beginners – Software Instrument Track Overview

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In this Garageband tutorial you’ll learn how to add and edit Software Instrument tracks, as well as some techniques to keep your projects running smoothly.

Musical Typing Tutorial:

Garageband Tutorial: Musical Typing

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Thiago de Santana Santos says:


Piano charts says:

Nice Vid 🙂
Could you help me with a question to Garageband 10.1?

Bridget says:

How do I get Garageband on windows

Big Medicine Head says:

I’ve downloaded the Garageband Guide, and I’ve been watching this tutorial, and others in this channel. I have to say that Patrick may be the coolest individual on the planet.


pls make a tutorial of how to master and add effects into a vocal track
I tried to record my voice and it sounded so damnn awful, I just don’t know how to make it sound like a proper cover or kinda like Kurt’s song cover …
appreciate if u make it based on editing the cover, THANKSSS !!!!

Vilehell says:

how do you add a instrument to the track…Like I’m trying to add a guitar but nothing is working and there’s no sound what so ever from the guitar

OrbitalPyro says:

hi, just wondering how you got all those additional instruments

Deerstet Music Productions says:

Grand tutorial mate, congratulations. Coming from the world of real instruments playing and Windows programs, and only recently changed to Apple devices, this is just what i needed 😉 Cheers Patrick, or, according to yer accent, i might say ” Slainte ” ? :D. .. Derek

Melissa Perkins says:

Hi TheGaragebandGuide.
Can you please do a video on recording vocals in GarageBand?

David DAVID says:

hi Patrick, i see you have 3 “grand “pianos” plugin, i have only one in my garageband, is it because you have Logic too ?
Thank you for your excellents tutorials.

Adiktive Sounds says:

Thanks for the info Pat.

Beatles Piano says:

Hi, can i use sounds of Kontakt in Garageband? Thank you!!

TopGunPaintballer says:

So does all music need to be recorded live? That’d unfortunately take a good ear..

The Audience! says:

I got a MacBook Pro 13 inch for Christmas and I really wanted it for GarageBand. When I opened GarageBand though, I saw that several instruments are MISSING! I downloaded he extra sounds and they are still not there. I have only two strings sound, limited brass, and only one piano. I know I should have more so I am asking you if there is a way to solve this.

Orlando Alfaro says:


Mahtava Tuhoaja says:


Francisco Nator says:

HEY CAN U HELP ME IF U KNOW HOW TO INSERT THE GARAGE BABD MUSIC TO A VIDEO! Cuz i made a combineda somg on the program and i cant put it on a video! For example im a survivor fan and o combined the tunes abd now i cant put it on i video! Plz help!

bert6762 says:

That was good, cheers.

Ty* says:

Dude this was amazing thank you so much for this video it helped me alot!

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