GarageBand Tutorial for Beginners

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In this video I share my top 5 tips to help you get started with GarageBand on Mac!

Get Set Up: 0:29
Track Types: 2:02
How To Use Loops: 3:17
Extra Content: 5:07
Musical Typing: 6:09

Everything you need to get started with Garageband here:

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GarageBand beginner? This is for you:

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Toby Gerschwitz says:

Instructions misunderstood, dick stuck in toaster.

Ian Kayman says:

Dude that was not for beginners, that was for baby monkeys

bmf 456 says:

i hope someone can help, i havent been able to find an answer to this, i have logic and garageband, and i have downloaded the essential sounds for garageband, but logic is also saying to download essential sounds. is the essential sounds for logic the same as the ones for garageband? i dont want to download 2 of the same file, and if they are the same, how do import them to logic from garageband? thank you

eilish creates says:

how about when i try playing a section of the song and its mute unless i play from the beginning?

Top Shelf says:

He is retarded b-tch

93 jk says:


Chuck says:

Can tracks be exported to a recording studio for them to mix it?

Official IndrAE says:

i think garageband is for amateurs, FL is the plug

Rupert Carlquist says:

I´ve never needed a scotsman so badly.

Dj Sappysapp inTheMix says:

thank you

Mark King says:


Dan Bob says:


Ef M says:

When I watch music videos I always get music adds

Natalia Piksa says:

Do I have GarageBand straight on or I have to buy it, download ?

Emil Aimo CAMPIONI says:


Andrés Velásquez says:

Hey man, I got a lot of buzz/noise when recording my electric guitar with Zoom G5n (as interface)? Some tips for avoid that issue? Thanks

Prince Production says:

Can Garajband be used for professional song production?

Lars makes music says:

hear the loops in the background.

Gilbert the Frenchie says:

I create tunes…. check out my playlist. I’ve been writing music for over 20 years and really enjoying this tool.

rbelsee says:

Thank you patrick

Daniel Cox says:

Great video 🙂 but I gotta ask… do you support Celtic or Rangers? 😉

Patty M says:

Can I use garage band on my ipad?

House of Pranks says:

I dont see empty project option

O I C U Everything U Need says:


Apt Albatross says:

guide for 2019 *made in 2018*

Jim Dingeldein says:

So I play a lot of country and folk. I have a hard time finding drum tracks as backing tracks for this type of music. Can you help me on this.

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