Garageband Tutorial: How to Make a Basic Track

Composition and mixing instructor John Davies takes us through the basics of GarageBand for an introduction to the world of music production using one of the easiest, most streamlined DAWs. Learn these techniques in-depth on any of our Logic Pro courses – more info ::

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mesho beshai says:

Can i earn money on youtube from garageband?

Framie says:

What midi controller did you use?

house head says:

I Agree 100 % with chase the sound, Inspirational. Also the track you created is BEAUTIFUL

Don Diego Vega says:

This isn’t recording music at all! I just don’t get it! Multitrack? I record the drums after I’ve worked out an arrangement. Then I’ll add say, rhythm guitar. Then, I build from there. When you chose the bass how did you chose the notes that it played?
This music sounds like a video game.

Khawa Jong says:

good job thanks. but can you tell me how to record the song for that?

dallin eats lettuce says:

this taught me so much thnx u. honestly if i could make a song this good i would b very happy i am going to practice a lot!

Aditya Kuche says:

How to use your android as a midi controller?

Villads says:

Thank you!

kill cap says:

How do you know what quantize value to use on a track 1/4 or 1/64

Titanoboa says:

I know nothing about making music but this video completely helped me even with the aligning of bars etc

Jam Fuse says:

I’m at 9:45 this is great, cheers.


;O) WOW!!! You rock!!! And what an AMAZING gift that you have…I was still trying to find basic instructions how to create a voice track, and your Basic Track lesson was right on point. I have the confidence now that I can record my voice, create the theme song for my newly launch podcast. Thanks a million. I’m looking forward to more valuable lessons.

Ostap Senyuk says:

Recently decided to play a bit with Garage Band, and was pretty surprised by it’s versatility. If you’ve got a Mac, you can sketch ideas or even create quite nice demos in it. Here’s my take on Portishead’s Roads: 🙂

Mr Dan Master says:

Apple own logic and garage band.

Arseniy Yashkin says:

The melody is not suitable for the trap-bit. It was necessary to make a house bit. Why in the style of Trap?

Luca Casasola says:

this sounds about right 😉 great video!

Dustified says:



Damn My G; that was pretty slick! Thanks!


This is by far the best Garageband tutorial Ive seen yet! Real nice job explaining the basics, this will help out myself and other beginners like myself. Keep up the great work!!

Adam Margulies says:

how do I record without a piano or controller plugged in?

Alexander Bakk says:

How did you make the bass line?

Kashish Leo says:

Thank you so much, for this.

Loading says:

“Another one!”

Baris Simsek says:

at 6:20 do you use keyboard to produce that sound? because when i choose hard tech bass it doesn’t play anything, i have to open musical typing and use my keyboard to record.

Ai Van says:

I would like to now whether there is an option for using sample beats or sounds instead of making your own in garage band ?

Fred Rich says:


skltr21 says:

take the click track out

Einveru says:

my biggest hindrance with making beats on garage band/logic is finding sounds i actually like

sam says:

sir you deserve sub from me!! thankyou for this fantastic tut!

Blue7 says:

Super Cool vid thx

Kate Annabella says:

Not basic enough for me…what’s a midi controller? Is that a keyboard?

Drake Anthony says:

Yeah that sounds about right

Ben Lane says:

every time I record a section of music, it automatically turns it into a loop that just goes on infinitely….. how do I stop this? please help.

Spacewords says:

Good video!!!…. I’am brand new in GarageBand, thank you Point Blank Music School.

Burak DEVELİ says:

Hello at 24:48 how did you make it curvy’ thank youuuu

Kashish Leo says:

I wish I could join your Mumbai school.​

CobraFrost says:

What midi controller do you use?? Thanks for the video…..

M_X_C_N says:

How did you do the Curved automation at 24:48?? I know how to do just straight automations, but what do you do to make it curve?

FelipeZELDAguy says:

every time i try and use the keyboard shortcut to adjust the notes up or down an octave the screen flashes and i get this message on my screen, “Command not available because the last track is already selected.” can someone PLEASE help me figure out whats going on):

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